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Are you looking for a way to engage girls in STEM? A Mighty Girl has posters celebrating women in science that are free to download. Each poster has a short introduction to the scientist, as well as recommended readings. What girl wouldn't be inspired by Mae Jemison, Katherine Johnson, or others?

Mighty Women in Science Posters

Tynker Logo

Tynker has a FREE coding project just in time for Valentine's Day. The students use the tutorial to create their own virtual conversation hearts with messages and flavors. The project is only available until Sunday, February 17th, so hurry over to Tynker's Candy Hearts page and assign the project to your students.                          Happy Valentine's Day coding!!

YES! That's right! Common Sense Education has just released NEW Digital Citizenship Curriculum lessons for Grades 3-8. There are lesson slides, new videos, and customizable resources within these lessons, and bilingual materials are coming soon. 🙂

Be sure to check the NEW lessons out here.

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Tynker has a FREE coding project just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The students use a tutorial to create an interactive timeline of Dr. King's impact on US history. The project is only available until Sunday, January 20th, so hurry over to Tynker's MLK Day page and assign the project to your students. Happy MLK coding!!


Hour of Code

You can use either link to get to the activities. Each site has a little something different on them. You and your students can learn simple coding, robotics, or even hourofcJavascript.  December 4th -8th is Computer Science Week and a wonderful time of year to try coding with your students during the Hour of Code. You can find free easy to use lessons. They have whole group, no computer needed lessons, called unplugged and they even have lessons for kindergarten age students. There are so many jobs available in coding, let your students try it now. They add new lessons all the time. Your students will love it.

Looking for an engaging new way to teach your students how to code?
Try Codemoji!
Codemoji is a learning platform that uses emojis to teach coding to students. It teaches the basics of web development and coding, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It's as easy as learning to text with friends!
Codemoji is:
Entertaining - students have fun while learning basic coding skills
Challenging - students are provided a variety of lessons with varying difficulty levels
Adaptive - students progress at their own speed
It's a great way to empower your students to become coders!