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YES! That's right! Common Sense Education has just released NEW Digital Citizenship Curriculum lessons for Grades 3-8. There are lesson slides, new videos, and customizable resources within these lessons, and bilingual materials are coming soon. šŸ™‚

Be sure to check the NEW lessons out here.

DIY App LogosExplore atoms and molecules, see real time pictures of the Sun, dive into a lake, or experiment with spit all through the engaging DIY apps created by The Lawrence Hall of Science.Ā These iOS apps

have easy hands-on activities and experiments, videos, and pictures to support the Science standards you are already teaching your students. So... grab an iPad, download the apps, and let the learning begin!


nearpodNearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool for your classroom. nearpod1TheĀ teacher can developĀ presentations that can contain Quiz's, Polls, Videos, Images, Drawing-Boards, and direct links to Web Content. Many ready-to-teach lessons are also available. It is great for small-group or whole-class activities. Each child must have their own device.Ā TheĀ free version is sufficient for most, but a more expanded version is available for an annual fee.

CommonLIt is entirely research-based. The texts are differentiated by reading level. The teacher can easily find paired text, themed readings, genres, or by literary device.Ā  According to Common Sense Education: "CommonLit's adaptive reading toolbar makes text accessible for students at a variety of reading levels and language abilities. It's perfect for English language learners and struggling readers. Every passage -- printed in PDF format or accessed online -- includes footnotes with vocabulary words and essential background information that is critical for kids to understand when reading a passage. The included discussion questions get students thinking critically about text during independent reading and beyond. Thinking about reading is further encouraged by text-dependent questions that are included with each passage."

Alpha Munchies logo

Do your Kindergarten students need practice on their keyboarding skills? Try ABCya'sĀ Alpha Munchies.

In this game, the students have to guard their lunches against the Alpha Critters who are trying to steal their food. They do this by correctly type the letters or words as they fall from the sky.


Science NetLinks logo

Looking for Science lesson plans and online activities to integrate with your AMSTI kits? Try Science NetLinks

It is a great resource to find grade level appropriate lessons that are aligned to the Science standards. Each lesson may include a printable worksheet, an e-worksheet, or have an interactive experience.


An update to a previous post (see below) features "Winter Magnetic Poetry" with Google Slides:


I just saw this idea from Shake Up Learning and think it's great for not only Halloween, but anytime! The basic idea is to add a background and then an assortment of text boxes or images on a Google Drawing that students can then move around (like refrigerator magnets šŸ™‚ )