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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Oct. 15 - 19

Digital Citizenship Week (Oct. 15 - 19) is the perfect opportunity to spend some dedicated classroom time to teaching your students not only about being safe online, but how to be good digital citizens at school and at home. The following sites include fantastic resources for you and your students to use.

Typing Agent (3rd through 8th grade) has a 24 - lesson curriculum already available for your students and easily accessible through Clever.

Common Sense Education provides free lesson plans for every grade. You can sign up for free lesson plans and expert advice to be delivered to your inbox every week. You will need to make a free account to access the full lesson.

Google’s Be Internet Awesome provides teachers with tools and materials, developed by Google and iKeepSafe, to teach their students about digital safety. The lesson plans include activities that can be used in conjunction with Interland, an adventure packed online game focusing on the skills students need to be good digital citizens.

BrainPOP provides free lessons, videos, and resources for teachers to use to help their students learn to be good digital citizens. You can log in with your existing BrainPOP account or sign up for a FREE Digital Citizenship subscription. Please allow 24 hours for the subscription to be processed and your Principal will have to add teachers to the free account.

NetSmartz provides free online lesson plans, videos, projects, presentations, games, and resources for teachers and students.

Books to Help Reinforce Digital Citizenship

If You Give A Mouse An iPhone by Ann Droyd

Arthur’s Computer Disaster by Marc Brown

Once Upon A Time Online by David Bedford

Webster’s Friend by Hannah Whaley

Chicken Clicking by Jeanne Willis

The Technology Tail by Julia Cook



Digital Citizenship Week (Oct. 16-20, 2017) is a concentrated time to introduce and discuss (if you haven’t already) digital citizenship with your students. Remember, though, that students use devices and the internet in and out of school ALL year long. Please plan on revisiting, teaching, and discussing digital citizenship with your students throughout the school year.

Take some time to educate yourself and explore the student resources before you use them. You may need to create an account/register on some of the websites, and you will want to do this prior to using the site in your classroom.

The resources listed below are ones that have been compiled for teachers and students to use in the classroom. This list is not exhaustive and you may find something else that you want to use. Please let us know if you have another great resource that can be added to the list.

Resources for Teachers
Common Sense Education - Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship Posters from Common Sense Media
Digital Citizenship Survival Kit from Thinglink
I am a Digital Citizen from Thinglink
Google Be Internet Awesome
Brainpop’s Digital Citizenship
10 Digital Citizenship Resources from K-12 Blueprint
Digital Citizenship Articles from EdTech
Get Dig Cit-Ready from Common Sense Education
ISTE Digital Citizenship
Netsmartz Teacher Training
Nearpod’s Digital Citizenship Resources - scroll to the bottom to obtain the FREE starter pack
Digital Passport from Common Sense Media
Digital Citizenship Picture Book List

Resources for Elementary Students
Interland from Google
Faux Paw Games from ikeepsafe
Safety Land from ATT
Brainpopjr’s Digital Citizenship
Digital Passport from Common Sense Media
Digital Footprints from KidSmart
Netsmartz videos

Resources for Middle and High School Students
Digital Compass from Common Sense Media
Digital Bytes from Common Sense Media
Your Digital Footprint Matters

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