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Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day 2019

Save the Date - February 28, 2019

On this day, "educators and students from around the country will participate in a nationwide celebration highlighting great teaching and demonstrating how technology can improve student outcomes." We know that Shelby County teachers are using technology for this purpose everyday, but we want to let the world know! Take the time to go to and register your plans. If you're wondering what types of activities might qualify, check out our list of ideas below or the lesson plans provided by Digital Learning Day.


What can I do to celebrate Digital Learning Day?

  • Have your students create a collaborative slideshow
  • Do a Google Hangout with another class to discuss a book you've read
  • Have students create videos (Adobe Spark, Chatterpix, Sock Puppets, Powtoons, emaze, one-take,...)
  • Have students participate in a QR hunt
  • Participate in a virtual field trip
  • Play a digital game (Kahoot, Quizlet Live, etc.)
  • Have a parent read to your class as a Mystery Skype reader
  • Use Nearpod to teach a lesson
  • Have students create digital posters or Infographics
  • Have students interact with a video using EDpuzzle
  • Do an online simulation
  • Have a collaborative discussion (Google Classroom, Lino, etc.)
  • Do a digital breakout
  • Make a digital post card using Adobe Spark Post

What are your ideas?!?!?

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