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This site contains over 2400 free videos that will explain topics from basic arithmetic to calculus. biology, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, health, finance, civics,  art, us and world history, test prep and computer science, programming, animation, and Hour of Code.  There are also practice exercises that will help you work your way through each subject.


This is something that causes me all kinds of problems ... if it's 10:00 here, what time is it in Georgia? etc. This website will answer your questions and even more! gives the exact time in your location and various places around the globe. It will also give helpful information like sunset, sundown and day length, as well as general information about the country.

Another helpful feature is the ability to compare times between locations - ex: What would be the best time to  Skype with someone in Australia?

Check it out:

Google has just released an exciting new tool, Google Classroom. It is still in beta but shows great promise. It allows you to create assignments, share documents and much more. This is a very good, step-by-step guide on how it works:

Google Classroom Guide 

Answer Garden is a super simple brainstorming or formative assessment tool. No login is necessary but teachers can add an admin password which allows them to edit the results. Students add words or phrases to the 'garden' and the results 'grow' the more frequestly they are answered.

A QR code can easily be created that will make it easy to access and then the results may be exported to either Wordle or tagxedo.

I think this is a great tool that everyone will want to try!