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This site contains over 2400 free videos that will explain topics from basic arithmetic to calculus. biology, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, health, finance, civics,  art, us and world history, test prep and computer science, programming, animation, and Hour of Code.  There are also practice exercises that will help you work your way through each subject.





Symbaloo for Education

This site works well for elementary or high school teachers and students.  It is a wonderful way to share resources or organize them for yourself.  Make your own page or you can use pages made by others. These pages are collections of websites on particular subjects with each site represented by its own icon. Click on the icon to go to the actual site. You can make one for your students to use or have the students make one of their research sites to go with a paper or project.


Help your students be successful with online sites. Lingro turns all the words on the site into dictionary linlingroks. It then keeps up with words that were used and makes a word list the student can study. It helps them learn the list by turning it into flashcards. Very easy to use and free!



Calculation Nation is a collection of games that not only teach mathematics and higher order thinking, but are also lots of fun! They can be played alone or with someone else online (no personal information is shared other than the state in which you live.) The games involve everything from fractions to simplifying polynomials. (Did I mention that they were developed by NCTM?) Be sure to check them out:


Digital Citizenship is a critical topic that everyone needs to know more about - especially our students! Parents and educators need to talk to their kids about this critical topic, but few feel comfortable in having all the facts. This site is a great resource for both teachers and parents - check it out and share it with parents, you'll both learn something!


Engage the class using any device - no clickers needed if students bring their own device - with quizzes, games, and surveys.  A quick login to your class on Socrative and you can get immediate feedback and results from your students. Great for formative assessment.

Learn about Socrative - video



Your students will love this one. It is easy to use and the students will like the resulting picture of their newspaper clipping, see example below. You make up a name for your newspaper, give it a date, title, and write the article. Once you finish that click Generate! and it makes an image for you of your newspaper article. Just that easy and quick.


Example of Fodey generated image
Example of Fodey generated image