42 thoughts on “What has been your favorite part of school so far?

  1. Mrs. Cespedes says:

    My favorite part of this school year has been getting to know all of my students. It has been so much fun. We already feel like a family!

  2. Aaliyah says:

    My favorite part has been to get to see my new 2nd grade teacher’s. To see my best friend Chole and Zachary has been fun . To be at school this year in second grade.

  3. Zariya says:

    My favorite part of school this year has been getting better and better and better. I like Miranda and Chloe and Aaliyah and Kinsley and kate p and kate w and Kaiely and Zachary and Elon. Those are my friend’s second grade has been so much fun and funny and cool .The best specil I like is computer.

  4. Joss says:

    My favorite part of school was when I knew that Kate W. was in my class for the third year in a row. I liked that DeLaney. I liked that we were upstairs. Second grade is funner than all the other grades i’ve been in at this school!

  5. Aiden says:

    Reases is my faverit part of school. My favorite part has been math becase I am good at it. My favorite part is lunch beacse we get to eat.

    • Wendy Cespedes says:

      You are such a wonderful blessing to us and our class! We are so glad that you came from California and joined us here in Alabama! Have a safe holiday!

    • Wendy Cespedes says:

      We hope you are meeting lots of new friends and enjoying your new class. We really miss you and can’t wait to see you again.

  6. Elon says:

    me to and i am getting new friends,and i am doing this all by my self . I like this class as much as I like the other class.;[;[;[;[;[;[[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[[;[[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[

  7. Zariya Hatcher says:

    I miss you every day Gabi wrote on her book box she missed you Miranda moved to Texas Kinsley moved to Texas to oh! And in 2014 I’m going to Boston

  8. Zariya Hatcher says:

    Mrs. Cespedes my mom probably will email you today I know one day some week bye-bye Mrs. Cespedes see you tomorrow .

  9. Zariya Hatcher says:

    What are you doing guess what school is now out your great i hope I see you
    What school are you going to I’m going to chealsea park are you going to chealsea I’m going I hope I see you soon you are the best I miss you I sure Zachary does to we love you

    Love Zariya. To Elon

  10. Zariya Hatcher says:

    Hi Zachary how are you doing i hope your doing great cause I am are you still Mad at me I’m not mad at you still come on its summer break me you and Elon make the perfect BFFs ever you guys are like the best Elon I hope you read this this is also to you Elon your the best and so is Zachary he is also the best and Zachary and Elon I am so sorry that I have sometimes been mean to you guys but I remember when Elon and me and Zach use to play with each other on the playground that was fun spending my special time with you guys and i think mrs cespedes daughter Sarah was very nice Elon have you ever met her she is very nice and mrs holland son and daughter are nice to Avery and J.P are great and Mrs. Cespedes and Mrs. Holland I hope you guys see this to I want you guys to see me and Zach and Elon need each other we’re supposed to friends no matter what our class rule I hope we all see each other again our teachers are nice and sweet roses are red violets are blue candy is sweet and so are you guys. You guys are my heart every each of you guys your the best I love everybody in this letter bye have to go my baby sisters are crying very bad nevermind they just stop there cry Babies they cry all the time but there my heart to and my mom and dad and brothers and stepsisters and stepbrothers but there the best I hope you guys like the message love you guys.

    • Mrs. Cespedes says:

      Hello Zariya! I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Don’t forget to do your summer reading. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll see you very soon.

  11. Zariya Hatcher says:

    What have you been doing and I have like ten or 20 books. Tell Sarah and jake and Luke I said hi. Have you talked to miss holland I have not spoke to her ever since school is Sarah leg ok I hope it is you must have saw my message to Zach and Elon I hope Elon is at my school . Oh here is the bad news when Zach kicked me my blood got stuck in the ankle and it just turned out to be a blood clot I thought it was just a broken bone but I had to get a X-ray oh here is the bad bad news both of my sisters had to have surgery on there bottoms because they one of these bacteria so.

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