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Social Studies Homework:  Tomorrow is Hobo Day and I want you to dress down; look like you are down on your luck and having a hard time financially.  Hats that look like the 20s/30s are fine; jeans with frayed edges and/or small holes (knee level and below) are fine, just make sure it's appropriate other wise you will have to call to get a change of clothes.  I will be giving bonus points for anyone who makes a sign to protest or beg for food/money. See Examples of Great Depression Protest Signs for inspiration.

Check out Shanty Towns slideshow for some examples of Hobos.

Social Studies Homework:  You've lost it all in the crash...good job in building a Shanty home today.  Hobo Day is Thursday - dress to DEPRESS!

Tonight: Finish the Presidential T-Chart on p. 109; use the Presidential Bios on p. 108 (& Google) to decide if the fact is Hoover or Roosevelt.  I've attached both the facts and bios in the SS Handouts.  You have a Ch. 10 Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow!

Social Studies Homework:  Your 2nd 9 Weeks Test is tomorrow along with a Ch. 9 Notebook Check.  (I'll be looking at your TOC, color on p. 83, the colored vocab. illustrations, as well as that all pages are glued in and complete.)  Don't forget that there is a quizlet on Google Classroom to help with the test.

Hey everyone.  I hope you are having the VERY BEST TIME in the snow!  #sopretty  I just wanted to remind you that your Be a Star project will be due on Monday.  Get it printed at home or plan to go to the media center before school on Monday (it costs 10cents)...but get there early because LOTS of kids will be trying to print.

Also, your SS 2nd 9 Weeks Test is still scheduled for Monday.  Read through Ch 7,8,&9 in your notebook, study the 2nd nine weeks Study Guide Answers, and use the quizlet on Google Classroom.  *I will check the vocabulary illustrations on Wednesday.

The 1920s dress up day is Tuesday!  Get your costume together this week.