Monday, April 17th

Social Studies Homework:  1950’s Day is TOMORROW!  Dress Up!  (see the Friday blog entry for slideshow of fashion pics)  The Ch. 12 Study Guide is due Wednesday…Ch. 12 Test and Notebook Check is Thursday!  (See the SS Upload for Study Guide.)

Monday, April 3rd

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the Chapter 12 Vocabulary (#1-6 on p. 176…#7-12 on p. 177).  1.Cold War  2.Yalta Conference  3.United Nations  4.Truman Doctrine  5.containment  6.Marshall Plan  7.38th Parallel  8.arms race  9.brinkmanship  10.Sputnik boom

Monday, March 20th

Social Studies Homework:  The Holocaust Acrostic Poem is due tomorrow.  This should be completed on the paper provided today.  Make sure to follow the guidelines on the rubric which is glued on p. 171.  Also, remember that we will be having class in the train car tomorrow…it will be cool for the morning classes and HOT during the later classes.  Dress accordingly.