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Social Studies Homework: Ch. 8 WWI Study Guide  is due on Thursday.  I am planning on giving you some class time on Wednesday to work on it, but if you want to go ahead and complete it tonight, you can check your answers tomorrow and start studying.  Don't forget that there is a Quizlet on Google Classroom for this test...USE IT!!  The Ch. 8 Test is Friday along with a notebook check.  (IF you are going to be absent on Friday, I request that you complete the study guide tonight, check answers tomorrow, and take the test on Thursday.)

Social Studies Homework: Complete the 10 "Trench Vocabulary" definitions on p. 75 in your notebook.  (You need to make up a definition based on what you learned in the trench simulation.)  Then on p. 74, draw a trench scene that includes at least 6 of the vocabulary words (I'll give bonus points if you can include all 9 words).  Label each item & color the scene.  The entire page should be filled.  See the SS Handouts link for the words.


Social Studies Homework: Make a gas mask!!  Use materials around the house (milk jugs, boxes, tubing, string, rubber bands, etc) to create a hands-free WWI gas mask similar to the examples shown in class today (see the picture in your notebook to guide you).  On Wednesday, wear camo (or brown, green, khaki, black) and bring the gas mask to school to be used during your SS class.

Happy Halloween!!

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the continent/ocean map on p. 65 if you didn't finish in class.  The Ch. 7 test is Thursday. (Use the quizlet on Google Classroom as you study!)

*If you were absent today, come see me before school to check your study guide and get the map.

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the Panama Canal Map (p. 60) and the Panama Canal Notes (p. 61).  Use Panama Canal readers theater play to help with answering the questions on the notes.  (If you were absent today, see the SS Handouts link to get the papers.)  The Chapter 7 Study Guide was available today (see the SS Handouts if you want a copy).  I am planning on giving you class time on Monday to complete, BUT if you want to get ahead, you can work on it this weekend and do quizlets in class on Monday after you check your answers.  The test will be Thursday - note that it is rescheduled due to're welcome. 😉

Advisory - bring cans on Monday!!

Social Studies Homework:  Complete the Imperialistic Flags on p. 54.  (See the SS Handouts if you were absent.) Make sure to fill in the rectangles as well as draw the flags of the 5 countries that had a Sphere of Influence in China.  COLOR!!!

*Advisory...bring in canned food for "Can You Can!"

*Wear PINK on Friday to support Breast Cancer Awareness as well as bring in any spare change you have laying around the house.