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Social Studies Homework:  Choose a word from your Holocaust Vocabulary on p. 156-157 and create an Acrostic Poem.  The word must be at least 5 letters in length (I will take the plural form of Nazi and the singular form of lice)...I will give BONUS POINTS if you choose a word with 13 or more letters.  Write the word, in all caps, vertically on p. 162 and then write words and/or phrases that go with the topic horizontally. (see example) Your rough draft is due by class time tomorrow.


N - Nazi leaders on trial

U - under oath to tell the truth

R - Robert Jackson led the American prosecution

E -

M -

B -

E -

R -

G -

Social Studies Homework:  STUDY for tomorrow's Ch. 11/WWII Test.  Use your study guide, your notebook, and the quizlet in Classroom to assist.  Your notebook will be checked tomorrow, as well...make sure it's ready!

Your A-Z slide must be finished by the beginning of class on Thursday.  You may come to my room before school Wed and Thursday, if you need help.

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the D-Day One Pager on p. 146.

D-Day One-Pager

  1. Title the page “D-Day One-Pager.”
  2. Draw an image from the slideshow &/or textbook that you remember.
  3. Choose 5 key words from the notes and place them anywhere around the picture.
  4. Choose 2 statements/facts from what you’ve learned and write them at the bottom of your work.
  5. Color.