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Social Studies Homework:  STUDY!!  The Chapter 5 Test is tomorrow!  Here is the slideshow answers to the study guide:  Chapter 5 Study Guide answers

You can also visit your SS Google Classroom page for links to Immigration Quizlets that will be helpful when you study.

Social Studies Homework:

1.  PAL Registration forms are due TOMORROW!  See the Project American Life link above to print off a new form if you need it.  (Final money payment is not due until Oct. 10th.)

2.  Improving Bham is due Monday.  

3.  I'll start doing the Ch. 5 Notebook check (a gold grade) on ready!  You'll be given the Ch. 5 study guide on Monday and the test will be next Thursday, Sept. 21st.

Social Studies Homework:  Complete the Laws Limiting Immigration activity - match the laws and put them in chronological order from earliest to most recent.  Glue on p. 30.   *Use the links in the blogroll on right to help!  If you are absent or lost the handout, see the SS Handout link above.

PAL registration forms are due FRIDAY!!!!  (Final payment is due Oct. 10th)

Social Studies Homework:  Complete p. 26 - write a good explanation and draw a colorful picture of America as a "melting pot" and as a "patchwork quilt."  (See SS Handouts for p. 26 and 27...if you were absent today, you should use your textbook to get the notes for p. 27.)

Immigration Day is Friday!!  Tomorrow you will get your "story" and a lot more details about the simulation.  Here is a great slideshow of pictures to give you ideas for dressing up.  New Immigrant Photos and student costumes

Social Studies Homework:  MEMORIZE the bolded section of The New Colossus poem (on p. 22) and define the 5 key words (use a dictionary).  Due Friday.  Bonus points will be awarded if you can recite the WHOLE poem!  See the SS Uploads if you need a copy of the poem.

*Bring $2 to donate towards helping Hurricane Harvey victims and wear casual clothes (sweatpants) on Friday.  Give money to your first period teacher.

*School Picture Day is Wednesday, Sept. 6th.