Monday, March 20th

Social Studies Homework:  The Holocaust Acrostic Poem is due tomorrow.  This should be completed on the paper provided today.  Make sure to follow the guidelines on the rubric which is glued on p. 171.  Also, remember that we will be having class in the train car tomorrow…it will be cool for the morning classes and HOT during the later classes.  Dress accordingly.

Friday, March 17th

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  

Social Studies Homework:  The Holocaust Acrostic Poem rough draft is due on Monday.  Remember you must use a vocab. word from p. 166-167 as your main word. All words, phrases or sentences coming off that main word must relate to it.  See the SS Upload for poem instructions.

Thursday, March 9th

Social Studies Homework:  Your WWII A-Z slide is due by 8am on Monday.  Remember that you need to do all of the editing on the slide that is saved in your DRIVE.  Once it’s complete (check all the links, check for grammar and spelling errors, check that it “looks” good – see in Preview), you may copy and paste it into your class slideshow located in Google Classroom.  Remember that you can only click and edit on YOUR slide…don’t touch any other slides!  Can’t wait to see what you guys create!  🙂

If you were absent today, be prepared to take your 3rd 9 Weeks Test next week.  Use this to help you study:  3rd Nine Weeks Benchmark Study Guide answers 2017

No School tomorrow…enjoy your long weekend!

Wednesday, March 1st

Social Studies Homework:  Finish the Pacific Steamroller map AND the WWII Study Guide tonight!!  Test is Friday!  *If you were absent today, please see the SS Upload section to get the map, the notes page and the slideshow with the answers.

Tuesday, February 28th

Social Studies Homework:  Use the following (& your textbook) to complete the Homefront Groups on p. 157.  Homefront Group reading selections

The WWII Study Guide is due Thursday.  (I’ve attached a copy in the SS Upload section).  There are still a few notes that we haven’t completed yet, so if you get to something you’re unsure of, skip it and do that part tomorrow.  The WWII Test is Friday…along with a NOTEBOOK CHECK!!

Monday, February 27th

Social Studies Homework:  On p. 154 in your notebook, draw a D-Day scene.  Include 3 key words and 2 facts about the Invasion of France…and COLOR!  I’ve included today’s slideshow if you want to look at it for inspiration.  (Also, today’s notes page is in the SS Upload section.)

Chapter 11 WWII Test is Friday!!

Thursday, February 16th

Social Studies Homework:  No official homework, however, it would be a GOOD idea to get familiar with a WWII map of Europe (see p. 134 in notebook).  #popquiztomorrow

If you were absent today, print off the following:  propaganda pages – glue pt 1 on p. 148 & pt 2 on p. 149.  Then, click through the following slideshow Powers of Propaganda 2017 to answer the first questions at the top of both pages AND draw and color the poster.  (do the “miss USA” poster and the “church”)

THEN go to Google Classroom and click the link to complete another Pt.1 Poster.  You must answer all the questions and draw/color the poster.  Do not go to the Pt. 2 section yet.