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Social Studies Homework:  The Ch. 14 Study Guide is due tomorrow.  You will get a few more questions on Thursday to help in reviewing.  The test and a notebook check will happen on Friday.  (Make sure your illustrations are finished by then.) Remember that all vocabulary and the map of Vietnam could be on the test...STUDY!

*Everyone looked so great on Dove/Hawk Day!  Thanks for getting into it!  #peace

Social Studies Homework:  Here are the upcoming events and due dates.

Tuesday - Vietnam Veterans to speak to all classes.

Wednesday - Dove/Hawk dress up day (see last week's post for slideshow of ideas) and Vietnam Veterans Wall Project is due (see p. 202 in your notebook and use links on Classroom...must be printed before you come to class).

Thursday - Study Guide is due.

Friday - Ch. 14 notebook check (I'll grade all vocab illustrations then.)