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There is no official homework during this time away due to the COVID-19 outbreak, BUT I have put some suggested "fun" activites on Google Classroom. I want you to do something "historical" every week. Please check out the listings of online museums, movie titles, and books that you might enjoy.

I'm going to miss you all! Stay healthy!! 🙂

STUDY for tomorrow's WWII Test! Use the study guide, the quizlet posted on blog last week, and the gimkit in google classroom. The notebook check will be on Wednesday.

The A-Z Project will be completed in class, for the most part and will be submitted on Thursday. If you have a lot still to complete on Wednesday you will have hw that night. But for TONIGHT...STUDY!!

Finish the Japanese Steamroller Map...see the directions on your War in the Pacific notes. If you were absent today, please print the sheets and use the slideshow to complete the notes. The map on p. 345 in textbook will help.

A WWII study guide will be given out tomorrow. The test is scheduled for next Tuesday.