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"Europe in WWI" pop test is tomorrow!! Look over p. 64-65 and your WWI map in your bell ringer section of the notebook. You will have to identify places on a map of Europe as well list the members of the Central Powers and the Allied Powers.

A homemade WWI gas mask is due next Wednesday. (See p. 68-69 in your notebook for pictures.) You are also asked to wear Camo next Wednesday.

Finish the Europe in WWI Map tonight (p.64). The directions for the map are found on p. 65 and you will need p. 240 in your textbook to help with labeling. Remember that anything added to the map, other than country names, must be included in the key. (Example: C=Central Powers)

Finish the Imperialistic Flags on p. 48 of your notebook. I uploaded a link in Google Classroom for "flags of the world" but you can also do a google image search for the flags. In the circle/sphere, draw the flags of the 5 countries that had a sphere of influence in China (see your notes).

We will be discussing the annexation of Samoa and Hawaii tomorrow...wear something tropical. 🙂