Football Party Tuesday 10/18, 6pm-8pm

Parents, thank you for all of the help and support this football season! From the summer work day, chain gang help, Dave Roper in the box announcing the home games and the team of parents that have weekly given time and resources to our staff and players,(and everything in-between) Thanks!

As we prepare for our final week of the season, we want everyone to know that on Tuesday 10/18 from 6-8, we will have a party for the team to celebrate the season. Drop off and pickup will be in the main car rider line (6th grade side) and the event will be in the auxiliary gym. Drinks, food and games will be provided for the players, all they have to do is show up and have a good time!

If you have specific questions about the event or you are interested in helping please reach out to Coach Lovett ( or Jessica Lee (, Thanks!