Improve your skills through summer workouts!

  • Chelsea High School Volleyball is physically demanding and in preparation for moving up, CHMS volleyball players will be encouraged to participate in summer workouts with MVP Training!!  We have scheduled workouts 3 days a week throughout May and June to get our girls ready for the season and their future at CHHS.
  • Training the right muscles for your sport prevents injuries!  Improve your strength, speed, agility and vertical jump!  The owner, Brooks Baron will host a free exhibition on Wednesday, April 15th at 4:30 at CHMS.  He will also be at the parent meeting on April 18th at 9am at CHHS to explain what he plans to do for our team. (MVP Training Web Site / MVP Training Facebook- Like Us! / MVP Training Videos / 205-538-2MVP)  MVP will test you when you start and again at the end of your time so you can see your improvement!  We would love to see all girls interested in volleyball participating in this program to get a jump start on our season and their future in Chelsea Volleyball!