2016-2017 ACT and SAT Testing Schedule and Deadlines

2016-17ACT Test Date
SAT Test Date

Testing: ACT/SAT

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Juniors need to register to take the ACT and/or SAT testing if you have not already begun the testing process. All but a handful of colleges in the U.S. will take either one. It is highly recommended that you test more than once, and I would advise you to take them both once. PLAN and PSAT scores can help predict which one you may perform better on. To compare your scores & see which may be a better instrument for you, look for the ACT/SAT Comparison Chart under my blogrolls. Seniors may continue testing but should investigate when the last test date to be considered for admission and/or scholarships is. To register for either test, you must upload a clear picture of yourself. ACT Photo is a free app to make this step really easy. Make sure you adhere to the registration deadlines so you don’t waste money and you have a better chance of getting into your desired test site. On test day, remember your registration “ticket,” a photo ID, #2 pencils, calculator, and a watch.


Explore ACT’s free interactive World-of-Work Map to investigate careers and see how occupations relate to each other based on work tasks. When you receive scores from EXPLORE, PLAN, or the ACT, you receive a personalized report. This report suggests map regions and career areas on the World-of-Work Map for you to explore. A career area’s location is based on its primary work tasks—working with: Data:Facts, numbers, files, and business procedures; Ideas:Knowledge, insights, theories, and new ways of saying or doing something; People:Care, services, leadership, and sales; and Things: Machines, tools, living things, and materials such as food, wood, or metal. Visit the map and click on each area to pull up examples of careers, and then click on individual careers to read details of the job, salary, size, growth, educational requirements, related fields and majors. AND it’s all FREE!


ACT has created 3 free apps for I-phones and I-pads. ACT Photo will help the student easily take a photo and upload it their registration (photos are now required to register for the test). ACT Test Prep provides test preparation and ACT College provides an interactive college search tool.

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