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  1. I will blog on,

    Graveyard Book

    So today Bod went to school. These kids, Nick and Mo make eleven year olds steal stuff and give them all of their money. Bod told one kid he shouldn’t give Nick his money. So the boy told Nick that if he try’d to steal any more of his money, he’d call the cops. Mo and Nick figured out Bod was telling kids this, so they ganged up on Bod. They followed him to the graveyard, and right before Nick puched him, he faded into a tombstone. Then he started to haunt Nick in his dreams, doind dreamwalks. Then, he started haunting Mo. Mo called the cops on him one night and got him arrested while walking down the street. The witch, Lizy, told Silas, his instructor, Bod was in trouble. Silas attempted to save him and was hit by a police car. Silas was fine though.

    That is as far as I have read today!

  2. This is Pebbles giving u a buk update. Just a tid bit Scholars Bowl is going great right now Dr. Roy! I’m bloggin’ about Hunger Games. Alrighty then, It’s almost morning and if she doesn’t get the tracker jackers away soon she’ll never see Prim again. So, she gets her knife and is cutting the branch when she notices one little tracker jacker conig out and she knows that she has to hurry……DONE!!! Only 3 come and get her, but that is still enough to do some major damage. The others are still down there sleeping until the tracker jackers come get them by the hundreds. Two die including the one with the bow and arrows… Yes!! She still has all 12 arrows in the quiver, the bow in good condition too. So, two down 9 to go. It’s time for me to go too.

    Blogging for the 1st Time,


  3. I finished Stargirl so now I am reading a book called In Due Time. It’s about Jay Barker and his Christian life. ( I know, I always have to read about Alabama, in less it’s a summer reading book. πŸ™‚ )

    The author’s purpose is to tell how Jay Barker found Jesus Christ, the beginning of his life, and how he witnessed to other people even when he was 5 years old, and later on through his life. When Andrea, Jay’s older sister, was 5, she got saved. His mother, Barbara Barker, got saved when she was 28. That’s when Andrea was 2. Her husband, Jerome Barker, got saved a couple of years later. When Jay was about 3, his parents and his sister always had a little Bible story time after dinner, and before TV time in the kitchen. Jay’s mother said that he always prayed the sweetest prayers and was always a good listener when it came to story time. When Andrea turned 5 and got to the age when she learned how to read, she would read a scripture every night. Then, when Jay turned 5, he did the same. One night, Jay heard about getting saved, and if you didn’t accept the LORD JESUS CHRIST, then you would go to Hell. Well, Jay asked his father about it and his father prayed with him about it and didn’t really wanting him to get saved yet- because Jerome didn’t know if Jay really knew what it meant. The next couple of days, Jay kept asking about it, mostly to Barbara. Barbara didn’t want to help Jay get a relationship with the LORD because she was the one who lead Andrea to CHRIST, so she wanted him to wait til Jerome got home so he could help him and not feel left out. Well, Jay accepted the LORD JESUS CHRIST as his FATHER and SAVIOR that night :-), thanks to his father. Later on that week, Jay went over to two of his friends’ house (two of his friends are brothers) and had them pinned down to their front door screaming, “You’ve got to accept JESUS into your heart or you will go to Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Now that’s funny!!! Jay’s friends’ parent called Barbara and told her all about it laughing. Barbara told her,” He really does care about his friends.”

  4. Hola! I been reading! artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception! I WILL GET THE NEW BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    K, opal is a meanie-meanie-bully. She can start a selfcleansing coma, where is isn’t cate…. cati……catanonic (had to look that one up!) but she ain’t awake either. She can think, but she can’t take a bath without assisstance. Mervall and Descant are also pixies. they work @ The J. Argon Clinic in Haven City in the Lower elements (too many prepositions). They blow up the power, and get a clone from the fake trolley then switch them. L0TS OF DETAIL, blog kinda short, blahblahblah, DONE! PEACE!

    BTW, this is supposed to be a shark, but it may be weird, (^^^)

  5. im still reading harry potter and fred ang george gave him a map and harry used it to get to honeydukes through a secret passage way that went on for miles in a dark tunnel but after a while harry got to some stairs and started clinbing he lost track of counting around 200 stairs and when he reaches honeydukes he sees all of the amaising candy more than 100 differant kinds of chocolate and gum that would not pop for at least 3 days and blew bubbles the size of a whole room. Thats all i have read for today i will blog again tomorrow

  6. ok so where i left off Minerva had activated the gas bomb in the car with Holly and the Demon. It knocked Holly out have way to safety. So Minerva’s bodyguards got them back for interogation. They start first with N1 the demon they ask him a few questions then one of the gun men go into Holly’s room not knowing she was a fairy but thinking she was a demon. The mans brother when ha was little had told him something that was a lie but he thought it true . He said that when kids under 10 go outside in the afternoon then the Demons desguised as humans tear of there masks and eat them. So Holly mesmered him and got N1. They escaped and thats what i’ve read so far.


  7. I am now reading the fourth book to the Rangers aprentice book I haven’t started yet, but when i do i will let ya’ll know tomorrow. The last time I talked about Max and now she has a voice in her head that is also telling her the same thing… to save the world I hope i am encouraging some people to read this book if not..well I guess i am out of luck. Peace. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ :):D πŸ™

  8. Sorry i dont think it got my blog last night so i will try to make it up to. So when i left off Minerva (the evil person) had just got Holly πŸ™ and the demon back to interrogate them she started with N1 she was nice and friendly but Billy Kong wasn’t he was the only other person in the room so he showed N1 his gun and showed him how it worked by firing a few shots into N1’s chair. Billy got agitated and went to interogate Holly not knowing what she was he thought she was a demon. Here is a story about Billy as a kid that will help you better understand him. So his brother hated babysitting so he Dated a girl who was really a GANGSTERS girlfriend, so they got mad and beat him up he got home and Billy asked what happened to him he lied and said, it was demons. They were reguler people during day but took off there masks at night and showed there true demon faces. So he told Holly to take off his mask to see if his brother told the truth she said ok and turned invisible she grabbed N1 and made there escape now she is safely driving away with Butler. Thats what i’ve read so far


  9. im still reading harry potter as you know harry just got a secret map and snuck through a cave to honeyduked and they are now still in the store talking about candy and talking all about how serious could be anywhere in case you didnt know serious black is a villian that escaped from askaban the best prisen ever and is coming for harry and they are talking about how he could be anywhere at any time and how he might still be in hogwarts and that is all i have read see yall tomorrow.

  10. This is my 1st time blogging so here it goes….. in Hate That Cat, Jack ( the main character) is talking about how every body LOVES cats, exept him. He really only hates the fat (example:you πŸ™‚ ) black one across the street that scratched him up. He got one for Christmas, which he loves. An example of his writing is:
    “a kitten
    out of the basket
    and wobbling over to me
    and crawling up on my lap
    and licking my pajamas
    and I forgot
    that I hate cats
    as it crawled up onto my chest
    and purrrrrred
    and I was smiiiiiling

  11. Book: In Due Time (Jay Barker)

    The summary of this book is that Jerome, Jay’s father, warned Jay and his sister, Andrea, to beware, watch out, and don’t follow what the crowd is doing, be yourself and live your life the way GOD wants you to. What he meant by that is don’t be stupid and start drinking, smoking, stay away from sex, and other stuff you know you’re not supposed to do. He told them that even though their parents aren’t there, GOD is always there and watching. You may can lie and hide it from your parents and other adults, but you can’t hide it from GOD. Jerome said that when Jay would be able to drive, that he would go to parties. If people started drinking or smoking, Jay would call Jerome and get him to pick him up, or let him know that he is leaving because of that reason. One day at school, somebody asked Jay if he had sex, and Jay told him that he was following GOD’s plan for him, and that he would never do that before marrage because he knew that it was wrong. Jay was a great follower of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

  12. k read lots in AF-TOD cause im at home sick and BORED OUT OF MY MIND, Artemis breaks into a vault while being wached by a camera in broad daylight, yet isnt caught 8l. he gets a painting and takes it to the hotel. he is making sure its real when butler grabs a matress and throws them over the balcony. a bomb is headed toward them, but since butler jump they’re safe. Holly comes to take artemis away. UPDATE ON HOLLY SHORT: opal wants revenge, makes sticky bomb, traps holly and root, holly tries to shoot the “sweet spot” on said bomb, root is killed and holly “shot” him. thats it. bye

  13. Hey, I know Jay Barker! I used to go to school with his son, Andrew! He’s really nice, except one time I made Andrew cry….. But that’s another story for another day. πŸ˜‰ _Maybe Tomorow_ (Really good christian guy)

    Today I will blog on….

    Graveyard Book

    Today Silas left and didn’t say where he was going. They can’t find him and he’s been gone for a long time. Bod met that girl that was his friend from a long time ago. Her name is Scarlett. So she has been coming back to the graveyard every Saturday. She met a man that I think likes her mom, cause’ he brings her chocolate and flowers.

  14. I didn’t get to finish, sorry!

    So the man takes the girl to the graveyard. Well, in the mean time, Silas is in this cave with some of the people he knows.

    That’s as far as I will go tonight.
    Also, is Silas dead or alive, cause’ he says he’s neither?

  15. This is Adjaboy throwin’ ya’ a blog dog. Yo, what last happened was when she got da bows, ya’ hear? Alright lets kick it. After she gets the bows she decides she’ll try to find Rue, who she seems to have a strange relationship with because she looks al lot like Prim and she feels her presence as something calming…..WEIRD!! Listen up, she finds Rue partners up and turns out the are a good pair because Katniss finds game (meat) and Rue findds medicne leaves and berries. Rue knows all about that because she works at the orchirds at her district. They both climb well, and are amazing at combining their skills to make food, clothing.. scratch clothing… beds, and hiding places. Well, this one day Rue decides they need to split up and go very far apart because they have taken all the berries and game from that area. So, they do and decide that the mockingjays will be a sign they are okay. She said that she should be there at the meeting place by morning if not earlier, but Katniss called for her at the meeting place using a song they chose to sing to the mockingjays which they would speard everywhere and they could call back. So, Katniss calls from the meeting place at supper time and gets no feedback. So, she calls again the next morning, when Rue said she would be back by and got no response. With that she set off to find her M.I.A partner, when two hours later she finds Rue on the ground with a spear in her back and a trained district boy is standing over her glaces at Katniss for a split second, which is all he had becaus Katniss….YYYAAAWWWWNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

    That was Adjaboy throwin’ ya’ a blog dog,


  16. Hi its me!

    i have started Oliver Twist. It is the 10.7 level version and it is very hard to read. So far I have gotten to the point where the chimney sweep has just offered to make Oliver his apprentice.

    I think the author’s purpose in this book is to show outside readers what a poor orphan boy’s life was like during that time in London, England. The life of an orphan boy was horrible during that time. Also the boys would get a very little ration of food and little bedding. They would have to work for a living too.

    That is all I have read tonight. πŸ™‚ πŸ™ (^u^)

  17. Hey Hey Hey

    So i’m reading Maximum Ride: School’s Out-Forever and the author’s purpose is to entertain. weird is the case that you don’t find a book that’s purpose is to entertain. and Max has to learn to understand her enemies, the Erasers. because every time she looks in the mirror, she sees and eraser,Her, and basically what i said above^^^^. she also has to take a lot of risks, an FBI agent offered to take the flock back to her house, which is ginormus, and Max had to take the risk to stay with her instead of hiding somewhere no one knows about safe from the erasers (but they always find them anyway) there is also confusion. In the previous book, Max kills Ari and when she is flying away Jeb (their original caretaker) Says Max killed her brother, but she has no family, in any records. In the book I’m reading, Ari is resurrected and has wings now so max is confused…..sad face πŸ™

  18. Hey yall! I’m going to have to my blogs today, because my never-ending day tomarow. When I was sick Friday I started and finished:
    The Last Book In The Universe.

    It was awesome!
    Its about a boy named Spaz.

    [The time is set in the future where the sky is gray and theres no plants no books and there’s worst things that can happen to you than death.]

    He’s part of Billy’s gang.
    [ or atleast is starting to be.] Then one Day he’s tacking the stuff away from this old guy, and doesn’t know what to think of him. and he meets this little boy and gives him a chox bar.
    Then one day he found out that his step sister is sick and wants to see him before she dies.
    He was banned for this area a while back, and its across the area of witch people go. He asks for permission from Billy but he says no then he starts to sneak away. Before he can though he runs into chox boy. and brings him back when the boys people live then the people remember him and start a mob. Then he spazzez out and faints.
    he wakes up to find the guy he stole from saved him

    The next morning the man showed him the way to
    the pipes a way he didn’t know about. Then later find chox not far behind then and they’ve gone so far they can’t turn back. So they go on with chox.

    I’ve got to go, its getting late and I still have 2 more things I have to do finsh typing next weak!!

    P.S. That’s 20 min. of blogging.

  19. OK… now before I even start my blogs, I want you all to know that no I do not change books like every couple of weeks…as a matter of fact I just start new books while reading the old ones as well. So this time I am reading ” The Son of the Mob”

    OK so here I go I guess…

    #1 Dear Dad,
    If you do not buy me and my EX( because you made it that way!!!) girlfriend each a cadilliac car then she says that she’ll tell the police and if you dont give me one then I won’t join the family buisness. Also, I would like a new video game system for my friend who always treats my life like his… but he needs one so that he won’t tell anyone about the family buisness.

    That is all.
    your loving and greedy son

    #2The author’s purpose for writing the first whole chapter is to basically explain,
    1 the family buisness
    2 how it affects the main characters life
    3 what his family does to hide it
    and besides that it is to grab the teenaged reader’s ahort attention span and hold it for as long as possible. He does this by using odd events that are unexpected as well as using very good character description.

    #3 The author gives the mob family very interesting characters. For example Benny the rat, he is supposed to be likie their hitman/ driver. Then there is also the Older Brother who accidently left a knocked out body in the back of his younger brother’s car without telling him. Then there is the mysterious character of his dad. Thet aithor hasn’t talked about him much other than saying that his mom used to tell him that he worked odd hours, which is the reason that he slept while everyone else was awake.

    #4 The facts are: The main character takes a girl out on a date to the movies, then takes her to the beach, when unexpectedly they find the knocked out body of a man that owed the main character’s family some money. Therefore the family upset him by messing up his life with that particular girl. Also it could’ve all been left ok if not for Benny the Rat being late to pick up the main character’s older brother.

    Opinions : WOW!!!!! If my family did that to me, I wouldn’t care if they were the mob or a normal family, I would be very angry and probably try to disclaim them. I would make my parents go out and buy me a new cadilliac as well if they had done that.

    That is all for this week, I hope you all enjoyed this session of ” Football players who understand books”

  20. Now I know that it is early but I just want to get the blogs for this week over with. So I started reading the 4th to the Rangers Apprentice and so far will and evalyn are in hiding and when Evelyn goes to check the snares she has set up for food a warrior captures her and takes her prisoner. Will not knowing and napping goes out to find her and see the trails and comes around to what happened. He follows them into their came while Halt and Horace are also behinde will later on. They eventually take down the warriors and take one as a prisoner. So that is all for now. Peace. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ™ πŸ˜€

  21. ooookay, yall! i finished “the faceless ones”, which is the third book in the skulduggery pleasent series. and i was blown away by the ending. lets just use 4 words to describe this situation. BIG FRIGGIN PLOT HOLE! the end blows the series wide open for a third book. and i must say, i cant wait. it will be excellent, considering what derek landy left himself with. huge, huge hole to build and constuct a well written story. let just say that skulduggery left, or was TAKEN, from the world we know of and transported to an alternate universe. valkyrie cain has to get him back. sooo. im reading “airborn” now. excellent description, i must say. ill write a bob story about it.

    Bob awakens with a terrible headache. He thinks to himself, “What is it with waking up in random places with a hang-over?”
    He stands up and splays his hands. nope. his powers are gone. but he looks around and sees a great ovular room, like sitting in an egg. it’s easily bigger than two, possibly three football fields. he makes his way across the wide catwalk toward a room called “captains quarters”, as noted by the sign above it’s door. he nocks, waits a few seconds, and pokes his head around the door. a man is sitting at a table, marking a map with a pencil and talking to himself.
    “who is it?” he says in an exasperated tone.
    “My name is Bob, sir. I-I believe im lost.”
    “I haven’t see you around, bob. are you a passenger?”
    ” I’m not sure. i just woke up right over there,” he points over his shoulder, ” and i have little to no memory of how i got here.”
    “well, noone gets a free ride. i can either drop you off at the nearest shore, which happens to be madagascar, or you can work on the ship until i can get you to your destination of choice.”
    “i’ll work, sir.”
    “alright. i’ll call someone up and they’ll assign you a bunk and a trunk of clothes to wear.”
    “alright, sir.”


  22. im still reading harry potter and after ron and hermine got done paying for all of their candy and stuff it got to cold so thry went ond got a butterbeer each and when they where in there flinch,professer mcgonigal, and the minister of magic so ron and hermine shoved harry into the floor and used magic to move a tree in between them and flinch and flinch started talking about how black had killed harry’s parents and harry had a person that only they where able to use magic to know where he is and that person was serious black and that is all i have read tonight see yall tomorrow.

    10-29-09 πŸ˜€

  23. Ok so where i left off Holly just got to Butler’s car and were driving to safety but at the airport they saw Billy going crazy through the camera in Minerva’s home he brought in alot of men and took it over but Artemis was feeling sorry for Minerva because it was his fault. so he called Billy and made a offer to swap the demon for Minerva because Billy wanted to DESTROY πŸ™‚ all the demons because he thought the demons had killed his brother so they meet in Taiwan101 i think and negotiate so Artemmis gets Minerva and when at the elevater his plan started N1 took of his silver and teleported. So thats what i’ve read so far.


  24. Hey…again. So, I’m still readin Redwall cuz this is one of the few series I’m interested in.
    The author’s purpose is to tell a story about a courageous mouse who tries to act like a mouse twice his age. He wants to be a strong warrior and be a legend. Lately, he is trying to find Martin the Warrior’s sword and he found a poem on one of the stones in Great Hall. He figures out a lot of riddles and it leads him down a hidden corridor to a hidden room. He goes in the room and his voice starts to sound like a very mature warrior. Oh, and one of the poems kept saying “am that is”. He then figures out that if you switch it around, it spells “Matthias”. I thought that was pretty cool. πŸ™‚

    The character that stands out to me is Sela the vixen. She is a doctor/spy. She is healing Cluny after he almost dies in battle. After she treats him, she says that he can’t go into battle for 3 weeks. This way she can tell the mice when the rats are going to attack again so they can be ready. She would be classified gifted in today’s society because she shows many traits of it.

    This book relates to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He transforms into different people. Matthias transformed into Martin when he goes into the room. Matthias is a hero, but Mr. Hyde is a terror. They are both transformers, but one is a hero and one is a terror to his city.

    Dear Martin,
    Hey man, I mean, mouse. I just wanted to ask you where your sword is? Yea, we’ve kinda been lookin for it. Why’d you’d hide it in the first place??? If you want us to live long and prosper, why did you even hide it? You think it’s funny? Well it’s not!!! Yea, so if you can like come back to life and tell me where it is so we don’t all die, it would help.


  25. Well Finally Friday has come and Halloween is near!! After this week I need some candy and spine chilling fun:) Anyways I’m STILL reading “Tell me What You See” I only have like i think 7 more chapters.. I’m not sure all I know is Heather finished it in no time but I’m like takeing forever to read it!!
    But I got some juicey info on the end all I know is that in about 1 chapter I’m going to start crying.. thats all i was told and I’m looking forward to it because for at least about 8 chapters it was all about it was Alissa and Evelins lastnight at Alissa’s grandmothers house aadn Evelin woke up like 4 in the morning and couldn’t find Alissa sio when she walked outside to look for her she wasn’t there so Evelin went back inside and what do ya know the freaky stalker Simon was sitting on the couch in the livingroom and when eEvelin saw him she took off running but he jumped up and caught her.. shoved her up against the wall and started chooking her untill he told him where Alissa was but of course she didn’t know she was looking for her herself. Simon i guessed didn’t get that so hes sitting there about to kill her then drops her and goes “Shes not here I can’t feel her presences.” So I’m like WOW freak show some one for got to take the medicine! After that dramatic moment Simon runs out the door like batman runs down to the lake with evelin a couple feet behind him and well hes an awesome stalker b/c he found her in no time. i guess he didn’t realize Evelin trailing behind him all he could think about was alissa. She was dragging a canoe at 4am to the river (shes a little on the weird side to) Simon runs up behind her and starts talking baout how he can see the ravens turn into people and he knows she can and all this other Mumbo jumbo.. then attacks her and like jumps on her to where she falls on the ground then starts talking more nonsence about how he can’t live without her then BAM!! Evelin saves alissa’s tail AGAIN!! Evelin grabs a paddle from the canoe and wacks him one good time up side the head and its a KO!! Man this book is more of a boxng match the romance! if i do say so my self and I do say so my self:) The best boxer and bestfriend runs in slo-mo over to Alissa’s side hugges her and firewokrs explode and dolphins jump out of the water flips and lands gracefully.. nahh I’m just kidding but Evelin ask what Alissa was doing and if she would lik eher help so the two besties decide that the crazy ungreatful jerk still has the right to live so they drag him by his feet to Alissa’s grandmothers house put him on the couch and leave again to the river to put the canoe into the river and paddle along.. Evelin didn’t realize how hard it would be to paddle through half frozen water but the BFF’s did take turns paddeling which I would hav been like “Girl Naw!! This was your crazy idea you can paddle!” So anyways their cruisen along the river.. and the story continues but thats where I stopped. I’m sorry but I famous writer once told me “I will not eat those Sam-I-Am!’ No I’m just kidding but i once herd from some random person that ” Great Writers always leave their readers wanting more” no wi know that doesn’t count for you Dr. roy.. wait what his the history behind “Dr. Roy” anyways?? is it just an random name or is there a purpose? well knowing you for 2 wonderful years you probly wrote some story about a random evil teacher named Dr. Roy and the legend lives on:)

    Well i want an awesome nick name what about.. Umm.. Ms. Shanaynay!! Ohh ya what now?!!??! Ohh dont be hatein!! Respect Ms. Shanaynay:)

    Toodles Your favorite, Ms. Shanaynay:)

  26. I am reading Monster. What i am reading about right now is Steve is sitting in the courthousewriting what ever he sees an dhears (He is only 16). So far they havepulled up to the stand Osvaldo, Mrs. Henry( A whitness of the crime), Mr. King, BOBO, The Detectives, And the doctor that examend Mr Nesbit (He got killed during the crime[his deat was an acsident]). So he writes it down because he dreams of being a movie writer an dwants to do it while on trial for felony murder and robery. Steve thinks he is inocent because al he did was go in and get some mints ( but the others say he was lookout an dhe gave them a signal if the coast was clear. well it will be a mistery untilthe end which will be shortly. back to the book right now he is observing Mr. Kings lawyer ask BOBO Questons an dhe is getting more And more nervis by each queston he was involve in the crime but not the acedental death of Mr. Nebit that was an accedent King made. Well that is it for now.

    Good entris everyone!

    !!:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Kayla Renee (: (: (: (: (: !!

  27. Hi

    im blogging on Oliver Twist. He just had a contract signed that said he would be an apprentice to the undertaker (funeral-shop guy). But I will tell you what happened before that. Well, the chimney sweep came and offered to take Oliver off the hands of the parrish people. He was given a trial to see if the undertaker could take him. He could and so Oliver is now with him.


    :0 πŸ™‚ πŸ™ πŸ˜€ (^u^)

  28. K read half & half today got THE ARTEMIS FOWL FILES, tells alot about root holly & others. 1st, AF TOD, opal is mad, opal throws them into an old theme park infested with TROLLS which are huge, hairy, dumb (Thank you the people spotters guide in TAFF!). Next, I read about Holly’s in-au-gu-ra-ti-on. She plays paintball on an island w/ root. she has a paintball gun and wits, root has millions of billions of gazillions of $$$$ w/ him. Root’s bro is an exile, and he traps Root, Holly, and Captain “Trouble” Kelp. Holly escapes, frees Root and Trubs, as his little bro calls him. I’m off to crack a section of the fairy Book in TAFF.

  29. Now I am reading Saint and it is a mystery book and it is by Ted Dekker. And so far I have read that he wakes up after he got knocked out but it seems he is suffering from amnesia because he can remember bitts and pieces of his life like his name, height, wife, child, eye color, and the rest of is family like his mom and all of that. And he also he remembers he got grafted into the army at the age of 18 and joined the special forces at the age of 20 or 21. And there is a woman that is tied to a matters with him but she is screaming and all of that and she was wearing a navy blue skirt and a white blouse that has been dragged through the ground. Oh his name is Carl and it is told by first person.

  30. I finished Hate That Cat, and it was just as good as Love That Dog. I LOVE poetry! It just flows through my head with a certain rythym. Kinda like a song. These are such sweet books. In this one it talks about how his mom is deaf and he doesn’t understand. He really feels bad for her because she can’t hear the wonderful sounds he can. At the end he writes a poem talking about how he will write all the sounds down for her so she can hear them too. Awwwwww, it makes me so sad!!! I really hope I can find some more books by Sharon Creech. If you know of any more please let me know!

  31. Now in Saint
    That girl that is tied up beside him was named Kelly witch in his wife’s name. But a little bit after two guys came out and one was an english man and the other one was Dale and they had some nice clean cloths and told him to take a shower and get dressed because they have his son Matthew and to get him back he had to go to some hotel and murder two people then he said if I refuse they would kill his son but if he murder them two people they would let him his son and his wife go free and live their normal lives and never bother them again.

  32. Hello!
    Tonight I will blog on…..

    Graveyard Book

    Today I finished the book! I’m sure Marjorie will be so happy. So..
    Today since Silas left the guy Jack was trying to kill Scarelet and Bod. Bod saved her and put her down where the sleer are. Silas came back and they won the battle with Jack. (I think Jack died, not really sure, didn’t specify) So Bod stopped seeing the dead. He couldn’t fade or dreamwalk. He had to leave the graveyard, cry, cry. πŸ™ Now he is out it the world. Silas gave him a passport and money, though. His parents cried too. Now he’s gone, and the books over.

    Okay, I told you I’d say how I made Andrew cry.
    He was being mean to me. (This took place in K-5) So I yelled at him and he cried, the end. (I don’t constantly make small chirldren cry though.
    WELL, got to go. ROLL TIDE! πŸ˜›

  33. HEY!!
    So i’m reading Maximum Ride: School’s Out-Forever. Of course it has conflict, this is like my favorite part of being a 7th grader, writing about conflict. So there is conflict. The flock is flying toward D.C. and they discover flying Erasers, and there is like a huge fight in the sky, and Angel gets a new power, telepathy, she told and Eraser to close up his wings and fall, and he did. Fang gets badly hurt, a giant gash in his side, by the newly resurrected Ari, and they have to go to a hospital. Fang has a battle with the wound, and when the flock goes to the FBI lady’s house, Gazzy, A.K.A the gasman, starts dive-bombing the lake. see mafeld, i finally stopped only writing about people hitting each other.

  34. Book: In Due Time

    In my book, there’s conflict because Jay Barker is like the best quarterback in the state (Alabama), and he is wanting and has be planning on his whole life to go to the University of Alabama πŸ™‚ . The thing is though, is that he has only got a scholarship offer from a couple of universities including: Samford, Southern Miss., and Auburn, but not Alabama, yet πŸ™ . The Southern Miss. head football coach told Jay that if it takes him to come to every one of Jay’s basketball games for him to attend the college Southern Miss., he will do it. The Alabama head football coach, Bill Curry, departed for Kentucky and the new coach was Gene Stallings. Jay Barker was the first player Gene Stallings recruited and Jay was so excited. Right after Gene Stallings asked Jay to attend Alabama, Jay said that he would be over there to check out the campus πŸ™‚ . The conflict is internal because Jay didn’t want the Southern Miss. coach to be mad at Jay and didn’t want to tell him “no” because he was afraid it would make the coach upset, so Jay kept it personal and to himself and waited for Alabama.

  35. The book I am reading relates to another book I have read before, Touchdown Alexander, because in both books, it talks about how a player chose to go to Alabama and how there life was, when they had there ups and downs. In Touchdown Alexander, there is a big decision because Shaun is having all these colleges asking him to attend theirs. Some of these colleges are: Nortre Dame, Alabama, Florida State, and many others. None of his family knew what his decision was until they all met up at a family reunion. Shaun wore all kinds of colors so they didn’t know. Everyone later found out that he chose Alabama and everyone cheered. The same thing almosts happens in the book I am reading now. Jay Barker again has a big decision to make also. He has to make the choice of taking a chance and waiting for Alabama- if they do ask at all. Or, taking the scholarship for Southern Miss. or Auburn. His wishes came true and he got to attend the University of Alabama πŸ™‚ .

  36. ok so its 12o clock and im bloggin so wat?
    if it bothers you then get over it. so im gonna try and explain some thing about the books i tried to blog on last week but as you may know I didnt talk about Vampire Kisses 6 so i finished it this week and in my cunclusion thaier is something different about this book than in the rest of the series
    Their isnt some big fight that goes on with Alexander and the romainians
    but there is a conflict:
    Every one else in town has seen Alexanders parents but Raven and raven is so anxious to see them that she sneaks into the house
    Alexander knows she did it but wont tell her.
    Raven finally gets invited over to meet them and wonders why Alexander kept her from them she goes buzurk and blurts out somthing stupid when they are finally alone but alexander still wont tell her but when rumors go around that the mansion is on sale thats when they have a bigger problem.
    the real question is will Alexander tell her its up for sale or will she find out the hard way???

    Raven finds out from her dad because there was an add in the newspaper about it and that night when her and alexander meet in the cemetary she cries and she tells him that he cant go and he agrees w/ her because he has met so many new people (and Raven) plus why would his parents want to sell a mansion when it beloned to Alexanders grandmother?
    In the end him and Raven decide to put his paintins in an art show at the country club and he ended up bein a big time seller cause every one wanted his paintings
    well in the end his parents give him the mansion and all in it(except the parents coffin lol) and raven can now redecorate the mansion in her style like it was over the summer (while they were there of course)

  37. also id like to point out that mayfield isnt the only 1 who reads the newspaper cause i read it before bed

  38. ‘Sup it’s Rolando McLain #25 for ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, I’ve been reading Peter & the Starcatchers. It starts off with Mr. Grumpkin second in charge of the St. Norberts Orphanage and five boys in a carrige riding to a boat called Never Land- I don’t have italycs- because the five boys are going to be living at a new orphanage. The boys are the Peter, James, Tubby Ted, Thomas, and……..some one esle who hasn’t had dialouge or been told about yet. Well, then there is the point of view of Alf and the mysterious trunk….that’s it for me today. Next tyme.

    blogging and tackling,

    ROLANDO McLAIN #25 ALABAMA MLB (middle line backer)

  39. -Monday
    I am reading this new book, called Luna. The author’s purpose is to show that even some of the ‘All-American’ teens can have some feelings that wouldn’t be expected. It shows that all people can have hidden secrets. these becoming from the3ir childhood. From let downs in there life, or because of parental pressure to be perfect.
    I am going to compare Luna to Crank. Both of these books have teen problems in them. They are different because Bree is dealing with drug addiction, and with a new baby. On the other hand, Liam (AKA Luna) is dealing with his inner self. He feels like he doesn’t need to be a guy. He wants to reveal to the world, that he would rather be Luna, than Liam. He is also dealing with the problems of is dad pressuring him to be perfect.
    This book has so much to do with character. Liam, is changing his character, he is being put under the pressures of an extremely smart and athletic senior. But, this is wasn’t he wanted to be, he wants to be Luna, and only two people know that. He is undergoing a serious character check.
    I know that you have always wanted me to be something more than just a boy. But I have been waiting forever to tell you that I don’t wanna be you, I don’t wanna live up to your expectations. I just wanna be a girl. I wanna be Luna. And as I am writing you this letter, I am packing my bags. Because I know after you read this, you aren’t going to want to have anything with me, yes I realize that you want me to be that perfect son, and I am sorry I can’t be that.
    Liam (Luna)

  40. i am reading a book called glory. so far it is about a girl who is 13 and got poisoned by her father. she had one year to live when she found out that she had been she went to foster home to foster the family she has been with for about 5 months and she has come to loving to woek in the garden because she think it reflects to how she feels and how they have to depend on somebody to water them.
    2- that is how she feels now because she depends on the doctors to give her medicane to get her a little while longer. and if the flowers dont get water then them will die just how she is going to. that is how she thinks.and now she has about 6 months to live to the posion takes over her hole body. so her and her new family are going on all of these trip of all the places she wants to see before she dies so the family is giving her what she want sence this is it.
    3-she has to go back to the doctor for her check up to see how well she is doing to make sure it isnt getting any worse. she gets made at her doctor because she says that she will have to send her to another doctor becuase she cant do anymore for her. this has happened with every single one of her doctors they get her to a cerntan point and it is like they give up and she ends up starting where she first was.
    4-so she starts to wonder how her life would be if she was still with her rea parents and how things would go. that gets her thinking that maybe it was a bessing that she is with her foster parents becuase there is no way they could have payed for all of these visits with the doctor. so maybe it was a blessing that this is the way it happened.yes i know that i have been reading this book for a while but i stopped reading it and forgot all about it so i had to start back fromthe beggining.


  41. Yet another book by Natasha Friend! These books are amazing, I just can’t stop myself. Anyways, Journals:The authors purpose of this book is to show that no matter what goes on in your life you can have that one person that makes everything better.the one person who can make your day fantastic even when its going bad.The one person who makes the world stop with the lock of your eyes into a deep compassionate stare.
    This book compares to perfect because both of them have a problem and there moms both just try to seem to avoid it, isabelles mom just decides not to talk about there dad dieing until belle forces it upon her.And Sams mom ignores the fact that her husband/sams dad drinks and lies about it. she ignores the fact that he lies to all of them,and is killing himself! Lush is about Samantha Gwynn is caught in an emotional tug-of-war, the kind far too many teens must face today. Her father is an alcoholic. Her mother seems to be in denial. Her little brother Luke is still innocent of life’s complications. She is afraid to confide in her friends, not even when she has exciting news about a new boyfriend. She takes the risky chance of confiding her secrets in a girl who she knows nothing about by passing notes through secret life of whales. Its Crazy!
    Dear Drew?What was that about the other day! You know nothing about me, except that you like me? Well I don’t think that you would actually like me if you knew me. It would be completely different.

  42. back again, just like the prodical son…

    for someone without a book at last check, i did pretty good this past week

    “half-minute horror stories” – i’m sure i wasn’t supposed to like this book – but i absolutely loved it – cute – of course, some stories were better than others – like mcdonald’s (those that serve the mcrib are better than those that don’t… πŸ™‚

    “the other shulman” – really enjoyed it – basically, middle-aged guy runs the ny marathon – and as his life is falling apart, he has to learn to fight for what he wants – actually decide what he wants out of life too – good book for old men like myself – not an adolescent book my any means (except that it was funny at times) – the fact that the ny marathon was sunday was cool too b/c the story was accurate about the course so i knew where the men/women were going sunday (and the men’s race was amazing to watch – i was crying at the end)

    finished christianity today – there was a good article about how people “personalize” their weddings now -when the point of a wedding should be more ceremony that individualizing – it was a really good point – unfortuantely, i’ll never get to put the advice into practice:)

    oh, and read running times and usa today while grandmother was shopping saturday and auburn was winning and usc was getting ready to lose – and, of course, i had to read psalm 96 so that i could “teach” it to my 7th/8th grade guys sunday (we made video game manuals too!!!)

    guess that’s the highlights – hope your week is a good one


  43. MONDAY– authors purpose:
    she makes her readers think it is going to be just another “chick-flicks” and not with a little bit of dread, unprepared for the surprise and delight offered by this exceptional book written by Rebecca Wells.

    Divine Secrets is at its heart a story about loyalty and friendship. It’s also a story of the of love gained and lost, then found again. The story revolves around Sidda Walker; a stage play producer who has granted an interview with a theatrical critic whose article stirs up old pain and regret between Sidda and her mother Vivi. Confused by the emotions and memories of her difficult relationship with her mother and her upbringing, Sidda postpones her wedding and heads for the woods to reflect on her life and her inability to trust herself in love. A fact that is anchored in the past.

    Planning a new stage production, Sidda tentatively asks her mother to send her the scrapbook she and her lifelong girlhood friends have amassed over the years, so that she can try to find what it is that binds certain women together in lifelong friendships. The scrapbook chronicles the history of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood in pictures, letters and other special memories. But it is in her exploration of the scrapbook that Sidda begins to see her mother in a new light. She sees her for the first time as a young girl, then a blossoming teenager who falls in love. She sees her mother’s heartbreak for the first time. And through Vivi and the other Ya-Ya’s; Caro, Necie and Teensy, Sidda discovers the true meaning of loyalty, friendship and undying love.So in my opinion i think the authors purpose is to entertain her readers with thestory of not only the ya=ya sisterhood and sidda walker. And how Sidda finds love,trust,loyalty, and friendship throughout the book. πŸ™‚

  44. So where i left off Artemis’s plan had started. N1 took off his silver right when the ellevator door closed.

  45. wow sorry accidently hit submit πŸ™ so i am continuing the blog before this so a Taiwan101 there is a GIANT silver bell that hangs outside so when N1 teleported he appeared by the giant ball where Holly was waiting and snapped a silver wristband on him before he could warp somewhere else. Then they all met down in the art gallery there was a statue there that the humans didn’t know what it was but it was a stone incased Demon warlock. N1 used a stone spell and brought the stone demon out of the stone. they then ran to the window Holly picked up Artemis, N1, and the demon Qwaun. Then she couldn’t hold them and they started to crash but Artemis knew this would happen so he took the silver off N1 and they teleported to the Demon island. Thats all i’ve read so far


  46. i am still reading the third harry potter i really dont know the main thing the book is trying to teach to you but this is what i think the author is trying to get across to the readers…i think he is trying to get the point across that even the weird or not popular people can still be a great person that does great in life for an example hermine she is the best spell caster ever and is a mudblood a person that does not have any parents that are wizards so any way another example is malthoy the only reason he is at hogwarts is his dad because his dad has alot of money and he is popular but not a really good wizard also harry alot of things happen to him but i think he is the best wizard ever and at one point noone liked him and the only thing people knew about harry was that he had the scar but once they got to know him they liked him.thats what i think is the main purpose of this book.

  47. I got back from the doctor today and found out I have a sinus infection. πŸ™ On the other hand I got to read too. πŸ™‚ So I am reading Hunger the second of the book Gone. Sam Temple is stressed harder than bfore about his duties and the darkness is growing stronger also while all this is happening Little Pete is developing new and greater powers than before. So on that note I will see ya’ll tomorrow…hopefully. Peace. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  48. Well, I finally finished Graeyard Book, now I will blog on…

    Scat (Great title, right?) :p

    Nick, the main charcter, was sitting in biology. This boy, Smoke, was sitting in there too. Ms. Starch, the teacher, asked Smoke to tell them about the Calvin cycle. Well, he couldn’t and they got into a huge fight. So Ms. Strach put a pencil in his face and Smoke bit in half and ate it. Ms Starch told the head master and he went to Smoke’s home to talk to his parents. Well, when he got there Smoke’s dad said not to worry about him for not returning home. The next day they had a feild trip to a swamp. When they got there a wildfire had started to burn, they all evacuated to the bus. A girl Liby dropped her inhaller. Ms. Starch went into the wildfire to get her inhaller. The next day at schoolpolice officers were at the school. They were questioning all of the students. When they got to Nick they were talking about why Smoke hadn’t come back to school. Then they said that it had been arson, not a wildfire. Nick had videotaped a what he thought was a panther and was now thinking that it could be Smoe who started the arson.

    Well, that is as far as I’ve read tonight. ROLL TIDE!

  49. Hey!! I forgot to bring my notebook home for NaNoWriMo to journal on it, So……. I’m journaling on Dr. Mafeld’s blog page. (UUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!) Just Kidding! πŸ™‚

    Well I’m blogging on the book Oliver Twist.

    Oliver has just been made a mute for Mr. Sowerbery, the undertaker. They have just gotten a corpse (dead person) to go bury. Mr. Bumble told Oliver and Mr. Sowerbery to. The people who were taking care of the lady who died were devastated by the death. the man went crazy, LITERARY!!!! They then buried the woman in a coffin. Oliver has gotten alot of experience following the undertaker around.

    That is all I have read tonight.

    Bye Y’all!!!!

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