Thursday, January 31st & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!

Today was spent reviewing the quiz from Wednesday and working Study Guide #10 together as a class. Each and every class worked each and every problem together to ensure each and every student completely understands the three methods of creating equivalent expressions! The skills that will be assessed on Friday’s test include:

  • The Distributive Property
  • Combining Like Terms
  • Factoring Out
  • The Associative Property
  • The Commutative Property
  • The Identity Property of Multiplication
  • The Identity Property of Addition

Those last four properties can be found in a chart in your student’s math notebook or they can also be found on pg 289 in the math textbook. There are property questions from this chart on the test for tomorrow! Know the properties!

Each and every student should have a completed Study Guide #10 in their binder! We worked very hard today in class to make sure everyone understood how to accurately complete each problem. I asked everyone to put away their study guide in their binder in their Math Safe Place so they can study over it again tonight and then turn it in before tomorrow’s test. Please make sure your student brings it to school with them on Friday morning!


Study Guide #10 HW for 1-30-2019

Answer key to Study Guide #10

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