Wednesday, September 25th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!


The skills that will be assessed on Friday’s test include:
*converting improper fractions into mixed numbers
*converting mixed numbers into improper fractions
*adding and subtracting fractions with LIKE denominators
*adding and subtracting fractions with UNLIKE denominators
*adding and subtracting mixed numbers
*simplifying fractions into lowest terms

Study Guide #3 was distributed today in class. It is a FRONT & BACK study guide!!!! This study guide covers all the above mentioned skills and is a good preparation for Friday’s gold test! Students worked ALL of the addition and subtraction mixed number problems today in class together. We had an excellent discussion & working of each problem! If you do not have this work, you must have been absent or not participating in class.

I have attached Study Guide #3 to this post along with our notes about adding and subtracting mixed numbers.

Please have Study Guide #3 completed and ready to turn in on Friday before your test!

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