College Planning for Juniors

What an exciting adventure you juniors are beginning. It is time to seriously think about colleges that interest you, research those schools, and visit campuses. It can be a bit daunting, but there are many resources along the way to help you. I’m available to meet with you (with or without your parents) at your schools to discuss all your options. Just contact me so we can find a time that works. For a variety of information on college and financial aid and my tips on making your college short list, a college to-do list,┬áand how to make the most of your college visit click here . My other advice right now is to stay organized, plan your ACT and SAT testing,┬ácontinue to make good grades, volunteer,┬ástay involved in activities and/or a job,┬áregister for challenging senior classes, and talk to college reps that visit your schools. Your counselors will provide great assistance to you, too. Some good webistes to visit are┬á┬á, ┬áKeep me posted on how I can help you at this exciting time!

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