hidden easter eggs in the books i’ve found…

“Dig” A.S. King – just before Easter, a book that started on Easter Sunday – and with little to nothing to do about Easter – the aggravating part to me was that the parents were portrayed as out of touch and cruel – that the next generation is soooo much smarter – and I get that young people want to believe that – but i think some humility is often in order

“Chasing Excellence” – by Pat Melgares – wonderful book about a running coaching legend – Joe Vigil – really enjoyed that one – and just reminded again of how cool it can be when young kids catch hold of something

“Darius the Great is Not Okay” – didn’t enjoy this one – it struck me as whiny – and having lived through my own isolated teen years, i hate that every book has to be “that special someone who ‘gets’ you is right around the corner…”

Crucial Conversations – Patterson – recommended – or maybe a teacher friend just said she was reading it and I hijacked the book, read it in a day, and then torn it to shreds in the days afterwards – b/c I’m just not a very good friend:)

“The Great Dissenter” – wonderful book about a forgotten Supreme Court justice – the lone dissenter in Plessey v. Ferguson – and of course, as happens in these things, his name came up in another book two weeks afterwards:)

“1962” – Krell – loved this book – about the 1962 baseball season – and the whole year – but I had a wonderful conversation with my dad about the guys who played on the Yankees – my dad was 12 at the time and basically knew the whole lineup – so getting to talk to him was fun

“Winning” by Glover – Jordan’s personal trainer – on what it takes to succeed – basically, you have to be a jerk and put everything else second – that said, I really honestly identified with much of what he said, which makes me a terrible person, but the whole “balanced” life is not what makes people get to the top of a field – so I think honesty is important

“Chasing Failure” – Leak – Christian publisher – sort of interesting coming off Glover – but the “dream it, do it” type – and why we’ve now made Kobe Bryant a hero is beyond me (see Colorado in the early 2000s)

“Hattiesburg” – Sturkey – I loved this book – really, really good – story of a Southern small town – and told in black and white chapters – rather than dehumanize whites, I thought the book did a wonderful job explaining – but not defending – white oppression – and the book was spot on in its analysis of today and the issues that we face today with voting rights suppression

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