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  1. My mistake on the comment above! I meant Literally, not literary!! 😀 🙂 😀

  2. ‘Sup it’s me again and I’m getting closer and closer to falling off my seat while reading this book. Anway, I’, going to show the point-of-view of Alf, the crewman holding the trunk. Here it is.
    “Are we done, then?” asked Alf, “‘Cause I could use some grog.”
    “Not yet,” said Mack. “Slank says we got one more to get aboard, this one over here.” said Mack pointing to the warehouse at a bulky object covred by a canvas. When they pulled the canvas off it appeared to be a reagular trunk except is was guared by two-, no three padlocks and chains.
    Alf looked at the trunk and frowned. “Ain’t this the trunk them soldiers brought in here this morning?”
    “It looks like it,” said Mack “But it ain’t. There was two-again i have no italycs-trunks come in together. The black one got loaded onto the Wasp-no italycs- by them soldiers.” I’ll stop there got a big game Sat.


    Rolando McLain #25 for ALABAMA

  3. k, got the last book in the artemis fowl series the time paradox, already finished it:) Mother is down w/ an old disease called Spelltrophy, passed on by healing. Artemis blackmailed Holly by saying she did it. the only cure is an extinct lemur’s brain fluid, which can’t be replicated. Artemis sold the last to a group called the extintionists (they are peaceloving people that love animals 🙂 j/k). They go back to stop young artemis but fail. the lemur escapes, but holly is captured. Artemis “exposes holly as a fake”, but artemis is thrown into the pit where they kill animals. Opal Koiboi (AGAIN) is waiting for the lemur, but gets artemis. Artemis escapes, and goes back with Jayjay the lemur. Back in the future (love that movie :)), Opal caused Mother to have Spelltrophy like symptoms. Butler has a heart attack by fighting the mesmer, but Artemis revives him again. No1 makes an “unmakable” copy of the fluid, so Jayjay lives. thats the book.
    Peace! Around the world! throughout the ages!!!!!

  4. Tuesday- character: sidda,vivi, & the ya-yas

    Sidda is a girl again in Louisiana, the bayou world of Catholic saints and voodoo queens. When Sidda and Vivi Walker, an original mother-daughter team, get into a fight over a New York Times article that refers to Vivi as a “tap-dancing child abuser,” the fall-out is begins from Louisiana to New York to Seattle. Sidda, a successful theatre director with a huge hit on her hands, panics and postpones her upcoming wedding to her lover and friend Connor McGill. But Vivi’s gang of life-long girlfriends, the Ya-Yas, come in and figure out a way to bring everyone back together.

    In 1932, Vivi and the Ya-Yas were disqualified from a Shirley Temple Look-Alike Contest for unladylike behavior. Sixty years later, they’re “bucking seventy,” and still making waves. They (the ya-yas) persuade Vivi to send Sidda a scrapbook of girlhood momentos entitled “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.”

    Sidda goes to a cabin on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, bothered by fear and uncertainty about the future, and tries to figure out how to get rid of the anger and tenderness she feels toward her mother. But the album reveals more questions than answers, and leads Sidda to encounter the unknowable mystery of life and the legacy of imperfect love.

    Rebecca Wells, the author, moves from present to past, unraveling Vivi’s life, her enduring friendships with the Ya-Yas. The power of the Ya-Yas, each of them totally individual and authentic, keep the story interesting.

  5. read more in opal decieption, holly saves artemis, they get caught and brought to the temple of artemis exhibit in the 11 wonders amusement park infested by trolls. holly & artemis escape thx to butler and mulch. mulch had broken into fowl manor and gave butler a special medallion/disc. artemis tells butler his name domovio which butler told hm before almost dying in the eternity code. opal wants to be human and expose the fairies by slicing half of haven off with molten ore something by redirecting it with explosives. mulch steals the charges, opal wants to blow up the shuttle, but mulch only moved the explosives. opal blows her own ship up, then runs for the suface where she is caught. bye

  6. SSSSSSSSoooooooo when i left off they had just gotten to the DEMON island when they got there there was a little blue explosion and the other demons started heading towards them. The now leader Abbot(he mesmerized) was at the front off the pack talking to them. Then Qwuan reconized him as the person who sabotaged the magic circle that was trying to keep the demon colonie safe. He had fallen into a volcano with someone with magic and stole his magic. They retreated as far as they could with Holly holding off the demons but there was a time forward that made time go by super fast so they planned to knock Abbot ou to use his magic. Use Holly’s magic, use Artemis’s stolen magic, N1, and the bomb they had. Holly kept holding off them until Abbot killed her with his sword. What will happen next. (I dont know i need to read more)


  7. Ok, I’ve started one of my mom’s books; Sea Star. So far it’s just about Misty, a wild horse, that is tamed w/ only 2 people, Paul and Maureen; young brother and sister.It is from 2nd point of view, telling the story from from the view of someone other than the 2 characters right now. It is using pronouns like him, her, he, and she. Here’s an example: ” Quickly he picked out a wide band of purple satin and fastened it across his shirt like a jockey.” That’s all for now!! 🙂 😛

  8. Today I will blog on…


    (It’s a LOT better than I thought it would be, comming in third. #1 Hunger Games 🙂 #2 Gone #3 Scat #4 Sucks to be Me #5 Sure Fire 🙁 )

    Today Nick went with Marta to go to Ms. Starch’s house. WEll, they had broken into her house and looked at these creepy animal figures. Marta wanted to leave, but a person came inside. Nick and Marta hid in this huge case thingy and the man found them. He was driving Ms. Starch’s prius (I think I spelt that right) and he made them get inside. He was also wearing the belt from the video Nick taped. He dropped Nick and Marta off at the movies and he called Ms. Starch Aunt Starch! So the dudes her kin! Also, Nick’s dad was in the army and got his arm blown off. Now he is the hospital in Washington D.C.

    That is all I’ve read tonight.


  9. Hi!!!! I think the authours purpose of my book, Sea Star, is to say animals make wonderful friends for you. Even though they can’t really understand you, they are loving, sweet, and very cute! ( Unless your evil,not saying names…….mr mayfield…..:) ) Also that you can tame anything if you really try. Maybe she is also saying you can find something in common with your family or friends you can become close and share everything!! BYEE!!!

  10. i am still reading the third harry potter so far all of the harry potters have been really good and exciting and i hope they stay that way so far i have read that the biggest quitich match is coming up griffendor vs. slytheran and it will probebly decide who wins the quitich cup for this year so im getting really excited about that in harry potter there is alot of actoin that keeps you reading like when the dementors came or when ron, harry, and hermine get in to trouble for something like using the invisibilty cloak. that is all for tonight.

    11-3-09 😀

  11. i am still reading saint and when them gangsters that took him said get a shower and put these cloths on but when he was taking a shower he noticed that he was bleeding is the back of the head and then he started picked at it (STUPID) and he felt something mettle. So after he took his shower he went up to the and asked them what it was then they replied just incase you run away because it is a tracking devise and a bomb and if you try to take it out it will go off.
    Now he is on his long journey to a hotel to murder two people to save his family.

  12. Hey all I finished Hunger and it turns out that Duck actually saves them instead of Sam or Caine. I never thought that would happen etheir so it had a suprising twist when they drilled a hole into the cave and go after the darkness. Sam fires his light but it doesn’t work. Then Caine tries his psychic powers, but nothing happen because the darkness know all of their powers… except Ducks. I will tell you the rest later today. Peace. 😉 😉 ;( 😀

  13. I am still reading saint but now when he gets done with his long journey to the hotel to murder them two guys but he can not get in because he place is surrounded by guards and you got to show your ID to get in. But he had a back-up plan and it was to knock out a guard an put his cloths on to get in but there is a problem there is an ID badge for the guards as well but he had a fake ID badge. When he got in and found who he needed to murder he pulled his gun up and said turn around slowly with your hands up then one of the guys asked who are you and he said Carl. Then the other guy said we are trying to save a guy named Carl and his son Mathew then Carl replied thats my sons name but why not my wife. then the other guy said she is right here.

  14. SSSSSSSSoooooooo when i left off Holly had just gotten stabbed with a sword that when it stabs something magic cant help them. So she falls down dead and then Abbot kills Qwaun and N1 but before he gets Artemis then Artemis grabs Holly’s gun and shoots where Holly had just been stabbed. There was a time pattern and part of it went back iin time so Artemis was keeping up with the time pattern and when he shot it hit Abbot before he killed Holly so N1, Holly, and Qwaun had no memories of what happened. So when Artemis shot Abbot it knocked him out they brought him to the circle and everyone used there magic. They brought the island underground to Earth they had skipped 3 YEARS while at the island for only a couple of hours. Thats what i’ve read so far.


  15. I am ow reading the book The Pilgriams of Rayne and it is the 8th in the Pendrgon series. S far Pendragon has once agan flumed toa new territory called Ibara. In the cav he finds out the hard way that the quigs on Ibara are strange glowing bees. So he is put in their version of a hospital. Afterwards he is dragged to the tribunral and questioned where he gets the idea of having amnesia. So that is all. Peace. 😉 🙂 🙁 😀

  16. im still on the third harry potter and before the quitchich match while everyone was eating the mail droped in and harry got something in a big package when he opened there was the newest broom ever the firebolt the fastest broom there is and everyone in the school heard about that in a matter of minutes and harry was so excited and ron was just speachless. that is all i am bloging tonight see you tomorrow Dr. Roy.


  17. Wednesday- dialectical journals:
    *Sidda Walker needs her mother’s help with a play she’s writing about women’s friendships, so Vivi sends her the letters, photos, journals, and souvenirs from the Ya-Ya sisterhood. This group of girlfriends was wild and clever–and stuck in a small town where they were expected to raise babies not cain.
    *I thinks it funny that everyone expected for the ya-yas to just raise babies and not have fun. B/c not a single one of them, the ya-yas, just stayed at home and played “wife” . They all did crazy things and the funny thing is that most of the bad, crazy things they did they all did together
    *As a daughter struggles to figure out her mother, she comes face to face with the beauty of imperfect love, and the fact that forgiveness, more than understanding, is often what the heart longs for.
    *I think that this is important for everyone that gets mad at their mom or dad to always rememeber that love is the most important thing and that you should always forgive no matter what. And i think that is what this is saying right there. I also think that towards the end of the book Sidda will finally realize how much she actually needs her mother. 🙂 😀 😛

  18. Today I will blog on…


    Tooday Nick called the hospital in Washington D.C. The nurse said his father wasn’t there any more. He didn’t tell his mom though. I foundy out the kidnappers name, though, Ms. Starch’s “nephew.” His name is Twilly. (Weird name, right) Well, he’s like this Earth person who lives in the wild, but is filthy rich. Well, crazy sub teacher who makes kids sing songs, tried to makke Nick sing a song today in class. Marta yelled at him and told his dad had almost been killed in the military. Tat shut up crazy teacher man. Nick got called into the principles office and was given a letter supposively from Ms. Starch. Dr. Dressler, the principal, told him that he did think it was her, b ut Nick could tell he was lying. So who’s writting all of these mystery letters? The world may never know.

    Well, that’s all I can blog tonight. ROLL TIDE!

  19. ‘Sup it’s Rolando. I’m going to go to the intresting things now, author’s purpose. I think the author’s purpose is to make a kiddy story, Peter Pan, into an action-packed-monster-violent story that would attract readers from 6-17. Also, I think that they were trying to make a mark on history with a better Peter Pan story, that may go into theaters, I don’t know. These authors are trying to get a moral in there too; always be truthful to those who are trustworthy and never leave a man behind, I think are the two most obvious morals in the book. They must have been incredably smart because there was a joke at the end that was kind of funny. “Evidiently the Starstuff has been leaking since it was Scotland because a lizard or salamander got a hold of it and went into Loch Ness… Hope we never hear about the again.” What brings the humor into that is the Starstuff can transform an animal into something very different. So, the Loch Ness monster was on the loose because the Others (bad guys) had not protected the Starstuff properly.


    Rolando McLain #25 for ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. okay read another story in The Artemis Fowl Files, mulch digs a tunnel to get a tiara from a musium which his beard thels him is mucho frio (very cold). it turns out the tiara is fake and Artemis Fowl (suprise, suprise) set it up, mulch says AF’s name, and since he has a lep helmet foaly got it (btw, this was after the 1st book but b4 the 2nd) and sent it to root b/c Artemis is fairy public enemy # 1. Holly is bored at a spa, relaxing and getting hoof moisturizer 4 foaly. holly is reactivated & goes after them since mulch is public enemy #2. the tiara is already stolen by 8 dwarfs. mulch & artemis are going after Lady Fei Fei’s tiara, WHAT WILL HAPPEN? Tune in next time for, MORE ARTEMIS FOWL!!!! bye

  21. I finished the Pilgrams of Rayne and I am now on the book Catching Fire the second to the Hunger Games book in the battle of the books. So far she is back home and is about to start her tour.The tour is that she goes and gets cheered on by eac district while they are secretly loathing her because she klled there children that had bee chosen toenter the hunger games. So that is all so far. Peace. 😉 🙂
    🙁 😀

  22. So basicaly i finished up Artemis Fowl The Lost Colony. So I was reading the Artemis Fowl Files its a book saying about the Artemis Fowl series. So have you ever wondered how CAPTAIN Holly Short got to be a captain whel it started like this. So Holly had just gotten into the police duty and was trying to get into recon so her initiation came up and Commander Root was going to do the initiation with her if he tagged her with a paintball gun first she lost and failed but, if she hit him first she was atomatically in because he had never been beaten even by a group of men. So Holly and Captain Trouble Kelp got droped off at the beach somewhere Trouble was there to supervise. When they got there Holly saw a sheet of camfoil and thought it was someone helping Commander Root Trouble knew it wasn’t but before he could draw his weapon he was knocked out by a shot from a giant rifle next went Holly and thats what I have read so far.


  23. Thursday- ransom note:
    Dear the Ya-Yas,
    DO NOT get involved with the conflict between Vivi and her daughter Sidda. We know you are trying to help but just dont. We have a special plan for the both of them. If you get involved then our plan will be ruined. You will be putting yourself,Sidda, and Vivi in danger. We do not plan on hurting anyone but if you disobey then we will. Bring the scrapbook filled with the keepsakes and memories of the ya-ya sisterhood to the “special tree”, you know the one im talking aboiut, at 1:30 am on friday night. (november 6) If you do not show then we will be forced to come and get the scrapbook ourselves. You dont wanna get any one hurt now do ya?! We didnt think so . So do the following and all will turn out good. — anonymous

  24. Okay, at the bottom, I will make announcements.
    (But as always, blgging 1st) 😛


    Today Nick is trying to prove that Smoke didn’t do this arson crime. He really didn’t though. A man that wroks for Re Diamond Oil Comp. did it. He was trying to get everyone away from sector 22. They want to ileagily drill for oil. Now Smoke has run away from the cops. He was going to be arrested. They didn’t even go to find him. They said he wasn’t a serial killer or anything and he’ll show up at home, or will he? The Red Diamond man is actually being watched, but they didn’t say by who. Now Nick and Marta are going somewhere. (I wonder where they will go?)

    That’s all I read tonight.

    Special Announcements.
    1. My cousin six year old cousin is in the hospital, and they can’t figure out what’s wrong.
    2. BAMA will soooo beat LSU. (It will be a really good game!!!) Yet I get to go to my friends house, but their whole family are LSU fans. Why do I get stuck there? (While my mom gets to go to the game with my Aunt?) 🙂

    BYE for tonight. ROLL TIDE!

  25. YAYY!! Just wanted to to say Congrads on making state finals!! I hope y’all do great!! I finished “Tell Me What You See” well I kind of finished it I had to stop reading it b/c it was WAY WAY WAY to sad!!! I had a little cheat cheat on the end and all I have to say is two people die.. and thats all I’m saying Dr. Roy u have to read it!! Its kind of weird but u do need to read it!! I’m now reading “Sweet Blood”but not for long I only read a couple pages b/c i’ve had to keep re-reading pages and still don’t really get it. This girl is a freak child! she starts off talking about her blood running through her veins and i’m like yea.. b/c we all feel that and hear it to, “Coookoo Bird” but it did help to read the cover front page flap thing. her names Lucy shes a diabetic and thinks hundreds of years ago when they didn’t have insulin all the diabetics before they died they were orginaly “Vampires” so since Lucy’s a diabetic she counts herself as “one of them” like i said WIERD!!” So shes a member of this online chat room called Umm Transylvania?? But anyways spelling doesn’t count if it did alot of 8th graders would FAIL!! Shh TELL THEM I SAID THAT 🙂 so in this chhat room all these goth folks talk about goth stuff.. U know what!?! I can see how a lot of people in our school can be like emo and Goth b/c if ya think about how often guns and killin “Game” which I’ve resently learned was small wild animals like Squirel (R.I.P.) and deer and other stuuf I mean its pretty voilent and they wonder why I’m preppy and don’t like killin things thats a perfect reason right there!! Okay well I’m sorry I got off subject it happens a lot lol NO COMMENT!! Well i got to roll out home doggiezz 🙂

    Toodles, Ms. Shanaynay 🙂 😀
    I’m so awesome 😀

  26. I am sooo tired. baseball tryouts have been fun, but it wore me out. Anyway, I’m still reading Redwall and I should be done with it by next week. oh, and the 2nd book to the Hunger Games is out, it’s called Catching Fire. I’m gonna get that at the book fair. So the author’s purpose is to entertain the reader. The book gets more and more exciting every day I read it. I want to be in the Army one day, and the way he sort of slips war tactics into his book really makes the book better. Although, I don’t think it could get any better. Lately in the book, Cluny is up and about and he found Sela and Chickenhound(foxes) listening in on his strategy of how to get into Redwall. He killed Sela and thought he killed Chickenhound, but he is still alive and has gone and told the Abbott about Cluny’s plan. Matthias is trying to get the sword of Martin the Warrior back, but he gets caught by sparrows, and they hold him captive. He is playing dumb to get it, and it looks as if it’s going to work right now. Oh yeah, Matthias found out that a snake stole the sword from the chief sparrow, and all the sparrow has is the case of the sword.

    The character that stood out top me this week was Warbeak. She is one of Matthias’s two sparrow friends. She saved his life and is trying to help him do whatever he can. She really changed in the past couple of chapters because at first, she was threatening to kill all of the mice, but when Matthias was taking her back to the sparrows, he got tired of her and kicked her off the side of a wall they were on top of. She had a leash on and a brick tied to her foot, so she didn’t fall, but that was the only reason she changed. What surprised me is that when Matthias took the leash off, she didn’t try to attack him, she had become respectful. She had kept her word that she wasn’t going to attack him. Now, she seems very trustworthy.

    This book compares to Young Man and the Sea when Skiff catches the fish. The fish drug him under out of panic, but seeing he was a helpless little boy, the fish gave up and just died. That’s my opinion of what happened.That is kinda like when Matthias has Warbeak on a leash. She keeps struggling out of panic, but seeing that Matthias could easily kill her, she just gave up. The differences are that Warbeak didn’t die, and Matthias and Skiff are seen totally different by their opponents. Matthias is seen as a strong, courageous mouse that is sly and can easily get you to do what he wants. Skiff is seen as weak, scared, and somewhat stupid.

    Dear adder,
    Remember when you took that sword from that sparrow? Yeah…um…I kinda need that back, so if you don’t mind could you give it back to me. No, I’m not gonna be scared; I want the sword back now. Meet me in the field at 3:00. You better have it with you or I’m gonna…I’m gonna…tell your mom! Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna tell your mom. So you better give it back or I’m gonna go tell Mrs. Adder what a naughty little snake you’ve been.

    With hatred,
    Matthias the Warrior

  27. they took harry’s firebolt away because they thought it might have been sent by black and been jinxed and before the game she finally handed it back to him in the end griffendor won and malthoy dressed up like a dementor in the game when his team wasn’t even playing trying to scare harry and malthoy got blasted by the spell harry was taught in defense aginst the dark arts to fend off dementors and harry just got into the passage to go to hogsmethe and that is all i have read.

    11-5-09 😀

  28. Ok… so I’m still reading Son of the Mob. 😛

    The author’s purpose of this particular chapter is to explain how the main characters older brother repaid him for the accident he left in his car. He did this in a weird way by trying to hook him up with another girl. It is also to help obtain the teenage reader’s short attention span.

    Dear Tommy,

    I SHOULD HURT YOU FOR THIS!!!! If I wanted I girl then I can find one myself, like the one that you messed up. Now the only way that you can fix this is by going out and buying me the top new car from Cadillac. If you refuse then I’ll just have to tell dad of what you did and if he doesn’t care then I’ll tell Mom and she will most certainly care.

    Your loveable lil’ Bro

    This book is like Brainiac because

  29. Oops I accidently hit submit comment.

    OK so were was I?…. oh yes

    because both main characters have a goal that can be reached by them but only because of the special abilities. Also both sets of characters have the supporting friends that pretty much consider part of their friends lives as theirs.


    The facts are: Tommy hired a girl to act like the main character’s girlfriend. He did this so that he may get forgiveness for what he had accidently done to his lil bro.

    Opinions: Wow… I’m kinda happy that my family business isn’t being a mob. Even though earning new car all the time would be cool. Why in the world would his brother do that? Seriously. Like why would he hire a girl to be his girlfriend when he thinks that he is perfectly capable to get his own real girlfriend?

  30. I decided to mix it UP today. I read the December 2009 (Christmas already? What happened to Thanksgiving?) issue of WWE Magazine!!! K, the match of the month was Christian (the winner thanks to another Killswitch, his finisher) vs. William Regal, lasting a whole 10 minutes and 21 seconds! Their 8/23/09 match @ summer slam.Ted DiBiase, 1/3 of Legacy, along with Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton, was the jerk of the month, booked for conspiracy, false claims, and obstrucion of justice. The fantasy warfare match was Edge vs. Kane, with Edge winning (yeah right!).Jack Swagger gets a AWESOME truck with a grill on the back of it. The most respected person in WWE is The Deadman, the Phenom, The only man to go 17-0 @ Wrestlemania, THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!! The newest champ is John Cena,the funniest moment is santino Marrella crashing through a wall as Shockmaster,and the sweetest revenge is Teddy Long being protected from the Undertaker, only to find him driving Teddy’s limo!!! Have fun, wresteling followers, and remember, DX ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. i blogged earlier but when i hit backspace i went back to the homepage so i gave up on it for a while and went to baseball tryouts. i think i did good but that doesnt matter it just matters wat the coach thought. oh and if you were at tryouts and you found a gray northface on the fence, it’s mine. please bring it back because my mom isnt the nicest of people to be around when you loose something, anyways to the blog about the book live like you were dying that i finally finished and can return to the library.
    dear nathan,
    if i were you i wouldnt have just went skydiving i would have jumped off of the grand canyon and bunjee jumped. then again when i bunjee jumped at the beach i hated it and almost wet my pants. i screamed the whole time yelling that i was going to die. then again we werent really bunjee jumping is was one of those things that you are in the ball and the sling you 500 feet in the air and you do flips and stuff, it’s just like bunjeeing but a whole lot scarier.

    i think that the main conflict in the story is between nathan and his dad. at the beginning of the story nathan hates his father because while his mother in the hospital he left his mother to go home. after going through the story or through a period of two weeks for them he finally understands why he left. not completly because he just said there are some things that are between a man and his wife. and also becasue she said she had lived her life just the way she wanted it and she wanted him to go home and get some sleep.

    i think that the purpose of this story is to make a point to the reader. some things have to get messy before they start to look real good. in the story he hates his dad and hes learning to hate him more until the tension rises and then he asks about the mom thing which was like and explosion of anger but after that he understood and loved his daddy.

    this book relates to a book that ive read b4 called, well it’s a series, the series of unfortuante events series relates to it. they relate in why the author wrote the series and they book. in the series everything is bad with count olaf until everything is happy on that little island. in the story its with nathan and the dad about the moms death. my motto for life or just the week is it has to get bad before it gets pretty.

  32. ‘Sup it’s hard hittin’ Rolando McLain again. I’m going to do a point-of-view with…..hmmmmmm……Peter during the storm in the middle of the book. I’m going towards te end because I’ve finished the book. Anyway, here it goes. “Throw the chest overboard!” said Molly over the howling wind and cries of pain because she was being held up by her hair by the biggest man on the seas.
    So I jump out of the grasp of an Other named Slank, get the trunk, it’s all most over the rail….AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Slank must have pushed me overboard! “I can’t swim! Help me!” I said even though I knew I would get no help. So gently I sank down, down when…..Got to get ready for school!

    See Ya’ Saturday,

    Rolando McLain #25 for ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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