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Welcome to MMS! Share with me your favorite genre or kind of book below!

Use your first name and only the first initial of your last name. Tell me if you like fiction (action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, or romance) or non-fiction (sports, animals, planets, etc), Every student should blog one full sentence like this: John P. likes non-fiction sports books, especially about the Atlanta Falcons. OR Guadalupe R. likes science fiction books, especially dystopian novels.


  1. Thomas likes comic books.
    Kinsley likes mystery books
    Justin likes comic books.
    Ashley likes adventurebooks.

  2. Zoe J likes non- fiction books about world war 2

    Maegan G likes to read biographies about anybody

  3. Dear Mrs. Colley I like action and romance. -Hunter J. πŸ’•

    Dear Mrs. Colley I like superhero comics such as green arrow and flash. -Gracie M. πŸ”₯

    I like sport books because I play football πŸˆπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ- Damarious G.

    I like action πŸ“š books πŸ˜„βŒšοΈ-Derick R.

  4. My favorite type of books are fiction books like comic.~Haley
    My favorite type of books are sports books~kyler
    My favorite type of books are manga karma
    My favorite type of books are sports-jayden

  5. Valerie likes to read comidies fiiction mystery scary . Kaidyn love comedies mystery scary. Devyn likes to read comedies romance and basketball nba.gabriel likes to read sports

  6. I like horror Jose.
    I love anime and fiction jakaila.
    I like nonfiction nahomy
    I like anime Erik.

  7. Emily T. Likes fiction sports books
    Allisson I like fiction anime Jayden N. Likes nonfiction secret code books

  8. Jordan w. Likes horror and Christopher likes horror and sci fi. Caydence B. Likes Fantasy and Horror Books.

  9. Jamaya bell likes fiction Harry Potter books
    Kaylee Ray I love fantasy Harry Potter books
    Alondra Torres likes fiction animal books about adventures
    Jakob Fowler non fiction football

  10. Levi C Windham likes nonfiction. Especially about sports. So I can learn about the sport. And especially about the player.
    Tyler Madison loves manga especially Naruto and Boruto it’s awesome.
    Lili Velazquez likes a lot of fiction but occasionally enjoys nonfiction as well, especially stuff about Hamilton.
    Austin Crim likes manga especially Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Boruto

  11. Nyla P.- I like to read comics.
    Rory P- I like to animal books
    Ava to read fiction books.

  12. Kylie b-graphic novels
    Haley l -historical fiction and graphic novels
    Preston c-fiction
    Marqueirus k-fiction

  13. Emeli G likes fiction and non fiction books
    Elizabeth L. Likes horror and famous singers/dancers books
    Tanya.V likes drama, anime and fantasy

  14. My favorite types of books are graphic novels,riddles and nonfiction science fiction and scary books
    My name is zabdy and my favorite kind of books are graphic novels and fiction
    My name is Kylee and my favorite books are romance and Twilight
    My name is Mallory and my favorite books are fantasy, scary books I like every book

  15. I like murder mystery Julia.
    I like fantasy and mystery, Mary Elizabeth
    I like fantasy and romance. Meredith
    I like fantasy books. Elise

  16. My Name Is Hunter I Like Manga And Adventure
    My Name Is Adrian Mystery And Adventure And Manga
    My Name Is Lochlan I Like Comedy And Horror
    My Name Noah Manga And Non Fiction

  17. Kati S. I like graphic novels and fiction my favorite book is sisters
    Kayla.s likes graphic novels and fiction my favorite book is smile
    Bella H. I like graphic novels and fiction and my favorite series is The Baby Sitters Club

  18. Nathan G. My favorite kind of book to read is Fiction and action .
    JohnathanG.My favroit books are fiction .Benjamin S My favorite kind of book to read is realalistic fiction and a book I like is hatchet by Gary Paulsen

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