Teacher Resources

To sign up for the computer lab:


Click on this link to get to Share Point. Select the day you want, click new, and add your name, which periods and specific times for which you are signing up.

To sign up for the library or Plato Lab:

You may view the library calendar by clicking on this link:


Please email Mrs. Colley with your request for a specific day and class periods. We have a total of 27 working computers which includes 7 laptops, 11 in Plato Lab, and 9 in the library. The library is available for whole class check-out, research, hands-on projects, PTO and LOT board meetings, ESL and GRC parent meetings, etc. Please let me know how I can collaborate with you and if you have certain technology needs before you arrive.

To reserve resources from the TRC (Teacher Resource Center) at SCISC:

  • Click on Destiny Search Page link on my blog
  • Login as yourself (user name and password have been created for you)
  • Click on Exit Destiny Quest
  • Click on Library Search (on the left side of the page)
  • Type in your search term, click the box for TRC, fill out the Materials Type (dropdown box), and then click subject, title, or author button.
  • Click on the title you want, and then out to the right, click on “Book It”
  • At the dropdown box, choose ship to patron or select pick up from SCISC
  • Choose the date which you would like for your video or book to arrive (Be sure to ask for it ahead of time).  The pony will deliver on M, T, Th, and F.
  • Click save and your resource will be delivered to the school on the day you requested.


To put in a Work Ticket for a Computer:


  • Click on this link to put in a help ticket for our computer technician to work on your computer.  Or from the Shelby County Schools website, click on Technology Dept, then click on Trouble Ticket.
  • Use your username and password with which you log into the computer
  • At the Request Type dropdown box, select Computer Request
  • Subject: Be specific yet concise.  For example:  Cannot access AR student from this computer
  • Request Detail: If you receive an error message, type it here.  If not, a repeat of your subject is fine.
  • Asset Number: Very important.  This is the control number you’ll find on the CPU, not on the monitor.  For example:  MMS-1234
  • Select Montevallo Middle School in the Location Dropdown box
  • Type in your Room #.
  • Press Save.


Teaching Books.net


A wonderful resource for English Language Arts teachers to use in class.  Includes novel study tools including discussion questions for the book, author interviews, links to the author websites, etc.  No user name and password are required from school.  Email Mrs. Colley for the password for home use.


Curriculum Pathways


Curriculum Pathways has webquests, interactives, activities for Science, History, Math, Spanish, and English Language Arts.  Free website with an amazing variety of resources which correlate with your curriculum.  Email Mrs. Colley for user name and password.



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