Valley Elementary Principal Spends Morning on the Roof

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Campanotta on the roof 2

Dr. Linda Campanotta promised her students that she would spend the day on the roof of the school if one-half of the student population┬áattended the school-wide Math/Technology and┬áBook Fair Night, held October 3.┬á And even though the students fell just short of the goal, Dr. Campanotta still made good on the promise – spending three hours on the roof Friday morning.

“We needed about 370 students to show up for it to be one-half of our student population,” said Dr. Campanotta.┬á “We had about 240 attend the event, which was still an incredible┬ánumber.┬á So, I decided to still reward the kids by going onto the roof, but┬áinsteading of spending the entire day up there, I┬áonly spent the morning.”

Dr. Campanotta said it was a fun experience for both her and the students, who came by to visit her. 

“They brought me water, and candy, and popsicles,” she said with a laugh. “They also wrote me notes thanking me for doing it and telling me it was awesome!”

Dr. Campanotta said she might still come up with a little extra reward for the second graders, who showed up in mass numbers for the event. 

“They really helped push our numbers up,” she said. “Some classes had 10-12 students show up.┬áI might still have to do something a little special to reward them.”

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