OMHS Mentoring Students in Inverness After School Care Program

Mentor Program

Inverness Elementary has partnered with Oak Mountain High School to provide mentors for students in their After School Program. OMHS mentors are members of the Student Government Assocation, sponsored by John Milton.

The program started last school year and has continued this school year due to its successs.  Christine Hoffman, Principal of IES,  Joan Doyle, Principal of OMHS, and Mr. Milton met with the high school students last November to discuss their mentoring roles and responsibilities. The program began in January with mentors offering  their support in After School Care each Thursday afternoon.

“The relationship between OMHS students and IES students has proven to be very successful and both groups of students look forward to their time together each week,” said Mrs. Hoffman.

“This is a chance for me to give certain kids attention that may not get it at home or are going through difficult times or maybe who just need a friend,” said senior SGA member Payton Cato. “As a mentor we play Legos, play on the playground, color, and various other activities. It was so much fun getting to know one or two kids and spending time with them each week! The time that I invest in the lives of these students is priceless and I love being able to spend time with them.” 


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