OMES Connect Math to Personal Interests With Math Fair

OMES Math Night 1 OMES Math Night 2 OMES Math Night 3 OMES Math Night 4How do you combine a student’s passion and personal interests with math?  Students in Mrs. Northrup and Mrs. Butterfield’s 3rd grade classes at Oak Mountain Elementary did just that by taking part in a Math Fair.

First, the students chose a topic they were passionate about.  Topics included cooking, sports, animals, careers, candy, games, travel, and hobbies.  Several weeks were spent researching connections of math with their topic.  The students soon discovered math is all around them!

Students created PowerPoint presentations, display boards, or posters they prepared and shared with families and community members on Thursday, February 19th.  This exciting evening included 100% participation of students and families.  Many of the students dressed the part as they smiled, shared their passions and explained how math is everywhere!

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