Superintendent’s Art Show Honors Local Students

Students from across the Shelby County School District were recently honored at the annual Superintendent’s Art Exhibit and Awards Reception held March 15 at the Shelby County Instructional Services Center.

Students who were honored included those whose work was submitted as nominees for the Shelby County Art Show, along with the ones selected as award winners. ¬†In addition, there were 15 pieces that were nominated to represent the district in the State Superintendent’s Art Exhibit and those students were also honored.

Shelby County Art Show Nominees

Category I ~ Elementary/Intermediate

IMG_1858Savannah Merriott, Forest Oaks Elementary; Sam Trammell, Inverness Elementary; Anna Kyle Murphy, Chelsea Park Elementary; Angie Zapata, Montevallo Elementary; Adrianna Casas, Vincent Elementary; Elise Marquardt, Calera Intermediate; Asher Crocker, Helena Intermediate; Ruby Busenitz, Oak Mountain Intermediate; Campbell Kellis, Elvin Hill Elementary; Haley Brasfield, Shelby Elementary; Gracie Hayes, Calera Intermediate; Lela Beck, Vincent Elementary; Mary Beth Allen, Helena Intermediate; Lucy Allen, Chelsea Park Elementary; Coleigh Dean, Forest Oaks Elementary; Emma Grace Ray, Wilsonville Elementary; and Catelynn Davis, Wilsonville Elementary.

Category I ~ Middle School 

IMG_1863Libby Jackman, Oak Mountain Middle; Brandy Hobson, Helena Middle; and Jeremy Willamson, Oak Mountain Middle.

Category I ~ High School

Cole Fincher, Vincent High; Layla Mims, Vincent High; Kaitlyn Avery, Chelsea High; Wai Lam Wong, Montevallo High; Carlos Lopez, Calera High; and Erin Carlee, Oak Mountain High.

Category II ~ High School

Jordan Sides, Helena High

K-3, Category I

IMG_18691st place: Kaitlin Riley,Oak Mountain Elementary; 2nd place:  Ava Claire Baker, Helena Elementary; and 3rd place: Gaitlin Zavala, Calera Elementary.

4-6, Category IIMG_1875

1st place: Emmalynn Miller, Chelsea Middle; 2nd place:  Mackenzie Ruttka, Mt Laurel Elementary; and 3rd place: Cristan Ballard, Calera Middle.

7-8, Category I

IMG_18821st place: Amber Lettrich, Chelsea Middle; 2nd place:  Madelyn Guy, Columbiana Middle; 3rd place: Elisabeth Glaze, Vincent Middle; and 3rd place: Alexandria Le, Calera Middle.

9-10, Category I

IMG_18851st place:  Katie Coons, Helena High; 2nd place: Calista Smith, Shelby County High; and 3rd place:  Ethan Crawford, Calera High.

11-12, Category I

1st place:  Sydney Harrington, Oak Mountain High; 2nd place:  Kristen Hamby, Chelsea High; and 3rd place: Mary Elizabeth Laatsch, Helena High

Shelby County Art Show Winners 

K-3, Category II

IMG_18901st place:  Julia Bueche, Inverness Elementary; and 2nd place: Jordynne Rose, Vincent Elementary.

9-10, Category II

1st place: Madyson Hjetland, Calera High; 2nd place: Shannon Montgomery, Vincent High; 2nd place: and Hallie Harper, Helena High.

11-12, Category II

1st place: Aliia Ergeshova, Calera High; 2nd place: Rachel Allain, Oak Mountain High; and 3rd place: Jared Dobbs, Vincent High.

State Art Show Nominees 

IMG_1893Kristen Hamby, Chelsea High School;  Sydney Harrington, Oak Mountain High School; Layla Mims, Vincent Middle & High School; Mary Elizabeth Laatsch, Helena High School; Kaitlyn Avery, Chelsea High School; Erin Carlee, Oak Mountain High School; Katie Coons, Helena High School; Madelyn Guy, Columbiana Middle School; Emmalyn Miller, Chelsea Middle School; Kaitlin Riley, Oak Mountain Elementary School; Ava Clare Baker, Helena Elementary School; Jared Dobbs, Vincent Middle & High School; Aliia Ergeshova, Calera High School;  Shannon Montgomery, Vincent Middle & High; and Madyson Hjetland, Calera High School.









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