Vincent High School Teacher Presents at Science in Motion Biology Training

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Vincent Middle/High School science teacher Patrice Marbry presented at the state-wide Alabama Science In Motion Biology training at UAB.

Marbry presented on Learning Targets, a major component of the new College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) based lab implementation. She trained teachers from Shelby, Talladega, Chilton, and Jefferson County school districts, as well as educators from Hoover and Birmingham City Schools, on creating three-part learning targets, a format implemented by Vincent Middle/High School during the 2015-2016 academic year.

During the presentation, Marbry discussed the importance of developing and using learning targets to guide instruction, assess student understanding, and enable student ownership of learning. Marbry explained that the “I Can…So That…I Know I Have It When” format not only improves student achievement but also actively engages students in monitoring their own learning. “The three-part learning target answers the

“The three-part learning target answers the age-old student question, ‘What are we doing in class today?’ These daily targets tell the students what they will learn, why they are learning it, and how learning will be measured.” Marbry said.

Vincent Middle/High School Principal Dr. Michele Edwards said the learning target format has improved the quality of instruction teachers provide, while also enhancing student learning.

“Student achievement will improve when the expectations for learning are clear, the purpose for the learning is explained, and the outcome is assessed. Our teachers have implemented the three-part learning targets in order to meet all of these components.” Dr. Edwards said.

The week-long training was designed to equip Region 7 educators to effectively implement the new CCRS Science Standards and labs. As a result of the training, teachers who participated will field test the CCRS standards based labs developed by ASIM and science teachers from across the state.

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