Shelby County Schools to Honor Education Support Professionals of the Year

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The Shelby County School District will honor all of the individuals who were named 2016-2017 Education Support Professionals of the Year for their local schools or district departments on May 18 at the Central Office in Columbiana.  A reception will be held at 4:00 p.m. with a recognition ceremony to follow at 4:30 p.m.

Honorees will include the overall winners from several job classification categories and one overall district-wide winner for Education Support Personnel of the Year.  The winners were nominated and elected by their co-workers from their local schools or departments. The winners each submitted essays detailing why they love their jobs, along with a letter of support from their principal or department supervisor to be considered for the overall category awards.  A judging committee selected the category winners, along with an overall winner who will be named during the recognition ceremony on May 18

The category winners are:

  • Shirley Chumley, Bookkeeper, Helena High – Accounting
  • Melinda Hooten, Custodian, Oak Mountain Middle – Custodial
  • Darlene Malinoski,  Child Nutrition Program Manager,  Mt Laurel Elementary – Food Service
  • Amanda Glass, paraeducator, Calera Intermediate – Instructional
  • James Hall, Bus Driver, Calera Zone  – Transportation
  • Russell Bentley, Maintenance Technician, Forest Oaks Elementary – Maintenance
  • Jenny Franklin – Secretary for Special Education, Shelby County Special Services Center – Secretarial

The other individuals who will be honored as a local school or department winner are (by category):

Accounting:  Bethany Hutton, payroll staff accountant, Central Office; and Lacey Brackner, bookkeeper, Chelsea High; Karen Duke, bookkeeper, Calera Middle

Custodial:  Alfonza Bradford, custodian, Vincent Middle/High; Lori Orth, custodian, Oak Mountain High; Sue Brown, custodian, Shelby County College and Career Center;  Bob Stricklin, custodian, Montevallo Elementary; and Rodney Moore, Custodian, Chelsea Middle School.

Food Service:  Tammi Taveres, CNP manager, Vincent Elementary

Instructional:  Susan Curtis, paraeducator, Helena Elementary School; Cynthia Myers, paraeducator, Oak Mountain Elementary; Rebecca Bryant, school interventionist, Columbiana Middle; Jami Burns, paraeducator, Montevallo Middle; Amy Shirley, paraeducator, Shelby Elementary;  Beverly Vick, paraeducator, Elvin Hill Elementary; Myia Vines, paraeducator, Linda Nolen Learning Center;  Juanita Sharkey, paraeducator, Shelby County High; Pamela Moore, paraeducator, Chelsea Park Elementary; John Hughes, paraeducator, Inverness Elementary; and Christi Ellison, paraeducator, Montevallo High.

Maintenance: Ben Fredrick, Maintenance Technican, Calera High School; Richard Horton, maintenance technician/construction; Maintenance Department

Secretarial:  Julie Brane, secretary, Oak Mountain Intermediate; Lynn Faulkner, registrar, Helena Intermediate; Angel Harris, registrar, Wilsonville Elementary; Lynn Roberts, registrar, Helena Middle; Deann Scholl, secretary, Calera Elementary; and Wendi Griggs, secretary, Technology Department, Shelby County Instructional Services Center.

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  1. So is this a public event?

    • Cindy Warner | April 12, 2017 at 9:20 pm | Reply

      It is public, but with limited seating. We ask that the attendees be limited to the employee being honored, close family members and friends, and school administrators.

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