Helena Middle School Teacher Named HP Teaching Fellow

Chad Sorrells, a math teacher at Helena Middle School, has been named a 2019 HP Teaching Fellow.


In collaboration with HP and Microsoft’s Reinvent the Classroom initiative, Digital Promise Global is supporting innovative elementary and secondary school teachers across the United States and Canada who demonstrate powerful teaching and learning with technology.

Fellows selected for the program demonstrate the principles of Powerful Learning in their teaching and learning practice. They design learning experiences that are personal and accessibleauthentic and challengingcollaborative and connected; and inquisitive and reflective.

During the last seventeen years, Sorrells has taught both elementary and middle school students, ranging from third through ninth grade. In addition to his current role as a math teacher, he has served as a technology coordinator, student transition coordinator, professional development presenter, and teacher mentor. Within the classroom, Sorrells believes in creating learning opportunities that connect students to real-world application of concepts. In order to extend learning beyond the classroom, he designs technology resources for both students and parents. Sorrells also has a passion for teaching pre-service teachers about effective teaching and learning strategies as well as classroom management.

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