Students and Teachers Honored at Shelby County Chamber Awards

Several students and teachers from Shelby County schools were honored by the Shelby County Chamber at the 2018-2019 Student and Educator of the Year awards held April 24 at the Pelham Civic Center. 

This is the sixth year for the program, which honors elementary and secondary educators along with career-ready and college-ready students. Nominees are accepted from every public and private school in Shelby County and then are judged by an independent panel of judges.

Antonio Garza from Vincent Middle High School and Megan Fortson from Helena High School were both recognized for being the top two career-ready students.

Ellie Burchell from Chelsea High School was named the top college-ready student. Akshitha Korrapati from Oak Mountain High School was awarded the Future Leader award.

Two teachers from the district were recognized with the top awards for the educator categories. Kerry Jeffries from Calera Middle School was named Middle School Educator of the Year. Spring McKinney from Helena High School took the top award for High School Educator of the Year.

Additional nominees from the Shelby County School District included:

Career-Ready Students:

Career Ready Students

Todd Fancher – Calera High; Caleb Matzer – Chelsea High; Megan Fortson – Helena High; Clayton Colley – Montevallo High; Kristy Mullaly – Oak Mountain High; Juddson Raia – Career Technical Educational Center; Christopher Smith – Shelby County High; and Antonio Garza – Vincent High

College-Ready Students:

College Ready Students

Lydia Anthony – Calera High; Ellie Burchell; Nate Andrews – Helena High; Leah Waites – Montevallo High; Lia McAnally – Career Technical Educational Center Center; Akshitha Korrapati – Oak Mountain High; Billy Fryer – Shelby County High; Mia Datcher – Vincent High.

Elementary Educators:

Elementary teachers photo

Neisha Davis – Calera Elementary; Kailey Jones – Calera Intermediate; Brooke Dunham – Chelsea Park Elementary; Misty Howard – Elvin Hill Elementary; Wendy Cespedes – Forest Oaks Elementary; LeShaun Brown – Helena Elementary; Reese Portwood – Helena Intermediate; Pam Taylor – Inverness Elementary; Kendra Robbins – Montevallo Elementary; Heather Butler – Mt Laurel Elementary; Jill Vaughn – Oak Mountain Elementary; Shannon Vaughn – Oak Mountain Intermediate; Angela Binkard – Shelby Elementary; Katie Gentry – Vincent Elementary; and Carlie Newman – Wilsonville Elementary.

Middle School Educators:

Middle School teachers photo

Kerry Jeffries – Calera Middle; Katharine Thompson – Chelsea Middle; Mimi Glisson – Columbiana Middle; Nikki Lockhart – Helena Middle; Virginia Thomas – Montevallo Middle; Stacie Gilmore – Oak Mountain Middle; Bridgette Vick – Vincent Middle

High School Educators:

High School teachers photo

Kylee Mitchell – Calera High; Adria Bizjak – Chelsea High; Spring McKinney – Helena High; Maury Grayson – Montevallo High; Derek Irons – Oak Mountain High; Rex Horton – Career Technical Education Center; Mike Kantaris – Shelby County High; Stanley Murrell – Vincent High.

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