Extreme Makeover Locker Room Edition Courtesy of VMHS Girls Basketball Coach

Ledlow and lockers photo

Stephanie Ledow, the head coach of the varsity girls basketball team at Vincent Middle High School, had a vision of what she wanted for a locker room for her team. She just needed a little help to make it become a reality.

About two years ago she began the process by asking the Shelby County Schools Facilities and Maintenance Department if it was possible to renovate a space that had previously been old block shower stalls. After the county did the initial renovation of removing the shower stalls and installing new walls and floors, Ledlow got busy designing and building custom-made lockers that would not only enable her girls to store their equipment and uniforms but would also give them a unique hang-out space.

VMHS Girls basketball lockers photo

“I really wanted to do something like this for them,” she said. “And, I was capable. I mean I had the skills to this and I really wanted to do something nice for the girls.”

Ledlow joined forces with art-teacher Clint Green, who has a CNC (computer numerical control) 3D wood cutting machine that helps with forming different designs. After the two drew up the design, Ledlow began using weekends to cut out and build the actual lockers with some assembly assistance from vocational technology teacher, Ted Gipson, and his students.

“I love it and I hope it does encourage them to have some bonding time and create some better relationships for them,” Ledlow said.

“The fact that she put that much effort into her athletes’ locker room herself, was a reflection of her love for those players and for this school,” said VMHS Principal Michelle Edwards. “Stephanie graduated from VMHS and was a part of the athletics programs here. She bleeds black and gold!”

“This sacrifice of time, effort, and labor will carry over in this program for years to come.  I don’t know if she truly understands the impact she has made on these ladies by completing the project for them,” Edwards continued. “The video of them entering the locker room once Coach Ledlow unveiled it to them is priceless.  We are so proud to have her as part of our Vincent family.

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  1. You are such a wonderful, caring person Stephanie. I’m so proud of you & your accomplishments in life. I’m sure Vincent school is very proud of you too.

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