Shelby County Board of Education Honors Support Personnel of the Year from 2019-2020 School Year

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Educational Support Personnel winners from the 2019-2020 school year were honored by the Shelby County Board of Education at their May 6 board meeting, one year after COVID-19 prevented them from being celebrated for their accomplishments.

“Today, we are proud to honor our Educational Support Personnel of the Year from the 2019-2020 school year,” said Dr. Lewis Brooks, superintendent for Shelby County Schools. “As you know, last school year was rather abruptly interrupted by COVID-19. As a result, we were not able to honor our outstanding support personnel in the same way that we had traditionally done in the past. So, we are making up for that by making sure these individuals get the recognition they deserve.” 

As part of the recognition, the district shared a video which highlights each of the Support Personnel category winners.

Holly Dover Photo

Holly Dover, a custodian at Vincent Middle High School, was honored as the Overall Winner for Educational Support Personnel of the Year. The district also honored category winners which included the following:

Jan McClaney – Accounting Assistant, Central Office –  Accounting Category

Tear Lee – Child Nutrition Program , Calera Elementary School  – Food Services Category

Brandy Whitfield – Instructional Aide, Mt Laurel Elementary – Instructional Category

Roger Williams – Maintenance Technician, Helena Middle School – Maintenance Category

John Rogers – Bus Driver, Helena Intermediate – Transportation Category

Kelley Emerson – Registrar, Helena High School – Secretarial

Dr. Brooks recently visited the local schools to honor the other 2019-2020 winners, which included:

Accounting: Lenora Durr – Bookkeeper, Linda Nolen Learning Center

Custodial: Vanessa Hall – custodian, Inverness Elementary; Melissa Bridges – custodian, Montevallo High; Tracy Lucas – Oak Mountain Intermediate

Food Services: Ann Lockett – CNP, Calera Middle; Alisha Cooper – CNP, Chelsea Park Elementary

Instructional:  Jennifer Miller – Instructional Aide, Calera Intermediate; Linda Jones – Interventionist, Chelsea High; Tracy Williams – Paraprofessional, Helena Intermediate; Kerrie Newton – Paraprofessional, Vincent Elementary; Asenath Arnold – Paraprofessional, Forest Oaks Elementary; Carlene Gaines – Paraprofessional, Calera High; Kristy Gray – Paraprofessional, Oak Mountain Elementary; Crystal Smith – Paraprofessional, Columbiana Middle School; Julie Bailey – Paraprofessional, Wilsonville Elementary; Christy Moore – Nurse, Helena Elementary; and Hannah Harris – Nurse, Shelby Elementary

Maintenance: Amanda Devaugh – Maintenance Technican, Oak Mountain High

Secretarial: Kristie Domovic – Registrar, Career Technical Educational Center and New Direction; Angela Beasley – Registrar, Shelby County High; Maria Fletcher – Secretary, Montevallo Elementary; and Gayle Kerr – Secretary, Elvin Hill Elementary.

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