Week of Dec 6-10

This week we will study Chapter 25, “The Great Depression and FDR”. Below is a list of different activities for the week:
– Graphic organizer of causes & effects of The Great Depression
– Fireside Chat’s with President Roosevelt
– The New Deal (FDIC, TVA, PWA)

Students will receive a study guide for the

    2nd Nine Weeks Exam which is scheduled for Wednesday, December 15th.

I have often found that a terrific strategy to study for any exam is to rewrite the study guide several times. Students, as this week progresses I will encourage you to rewrite your study guide in the evenings. After doing this several times over this week and early next week, you should be thoroughly prepared for your nine weeks exam!

Parents, you may have heard your child talking about a stock market project we are beginning this week. I have asked each student to find a company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange that they would be interested in tracking over the next two weeks. Students have recorded the company they picked on a chart here in class and beginning today, they will track the price of one share of that company’s stock over the next 9 business days. On the tenth business day, we will have a graphing activity in class where we will plot the stock price from each of the 9 days onto a grid. Once we graph each day’s stock price, we will then be able to “connect the dots” so to speak and students will determine if their stocks went up or down during this time period.
Students must record the price of their company’s stock for the following dates:


– completion of station models activity
– Study guide for Chapter 17 test will be given to students on Tuesday
– Chapter 17 test is scheduled for Friday, December 10th

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