August 8, 2011

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!! If you have logged on to my blogspot, you must be a little curious about my class for the next school year! Well, let me give you a quick heads-up as to what to expect the first few days of school…….

Remember those multiplication facts that you learned in elementary school? Well, they are going to come in pretty handy for the first 2 weeks of math class! So if you need to brush up on your multiplication skills, get to work! Get some index cards & make yourself a set of flashcards (math facts 1’s through 12’s) or practice writing them down in a notebook or on some looseleaf paper. Just get your brain thinking multiplication!!

We will also talk alot about my expectations for your work and behavior during those first few days as well as what you can expect during each day on the Green Team! Come ready to listen, take down a few notes, and ask about anything you don’t understand!

Looking forward to meeting all you guys!!

Mrs. Horton 🙂

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