Week of August 29 – September 2

We will complete our study of Chapter 1 this week as we look forward to a test on Friday. Students will continue to consider the ways we compute mentally as we explore expressions for “Friendly Tens”. We will also consider the distributive property and apply the order of operations as a way of breaking larger numbers apart, mentally computing their parts, and combining them back together for an answer. Wednesday & Thursday will be used as review days for prepare for the test on Friday.


Monday, August 29th…………..Mental Math worksheet pg. 5, #1-21
Tuesday, August 30th………….Mental Math worksheet pg. 47, #1-21
Wednesday, August 31st………complete Chapter 1 Review Sheet A; be prepared to discuss & ask questions in class on Thursday
Thursday, September 1st………complete Chapter 1 Review Sheet B; bring both Review Sheet A & B to class (completed!) and be prepared to ask questions about anything that is unclear
Friday, September 2nd…………Chapter 1 Test (will cover Chapter 1-1, Chapter 1-2, Chapter 1-3, Chapter 1-4, Chapter 1-5)

Enjoy your long weekend!! See you on Tuesday, September 6th!

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