Week of January 30 – February 3

Check it off! The first month of 2012 is almost in the history books! Our classes spent the first month of the year in an intense study of fractions. We will wrap the month of January up by comparing & ordering fractions and begin a unit on Converting Fractions & Decimals. I have reminded all my students that our skills all build upon each other and that’s it is important to stay focused and to ask questions to clarify their understanding of our current skill.

Please check with your students daily to ensure they have completed all their homework for math as well as for any other class they have throughout their day!

Monday, January 30th…………Workbook pg 30 all problems
Tuesday, January 31st………..Fractions & Decimals worksheet #1 all problems
Wednesday, February 1st………Fractions & Decimals worksheet #2 all problems
Thursday, February 2nd……….Workbook Lesson 4-4, Practice B, pg 39 all problems
Friday, February 3rd…………no homework

Have a terrific weekend!! Enjoy the SUPERBOWL with friends, family, and food!!!

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