Week of September 10th – 14th

Adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals will be the focus of our study this week. I am planning for our first big test later this week on Friday. It will cover place value, rounding, adding & subtracting decimals, as well as multiplying decimals.

Monday, Sept 10th…..Adding & Subtracting Decimals all problems
****** Students remember!! You must show your work!!! *********
Click here for a copy of tonight’s homework! Monday Night HW 9-10-12
Tuesday, Sept 11th……Lesson 1-1 C pg. 19 all problems
Click here for a copy of tonight’s homework Lesson 1-1 C HW for 9-11-2012
Wednesday, Sept 12th….Lesson 1-1 C pg. 20 all problems
Click here for a copy of tonight’s homework!Lesson 1-1 E pg 20
Thursday, Sept 13th…..Complete study guide for test
Friday, Sept 14th…….Test on Place Value, Rounding & Decimals

What terrific weather we are having this week!! Get out and get some sunshine on your face!!!

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