Wednesday, September 21st & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!

We are on schedule to have a Big Gold Test (B.G.T.) on Friday, September 23rd!

The BGT will cover the following skills:

  • adding decimals
  • subtracting decimals
  • multiplying decimals by whole numbers
  • multiplying decimals by other decimals
  • dividing decimals by whole numbers
  • dividing decimals by other decimals

Study guides will be given in class on Thursday for students to work through independently.  I will be pulling small groups for individualized help as we work in class on Thursday. (We worked in small groups during class today as well!)

We did not complete our classwork today and I did not assign the rest of it for homework. Now, if any of my students want to get industrious and practice¬†their division a little more, that would be GREAT! But technically…..


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