Thursday, February 22nd & Big Gold Test

Ratios Day 2 was a little more complex than Ratios Day 1. Today, students learned what to do if a direct relationship cannot be made from ratio to ratio. Here are the notes students took down into their math notebooks:

Many times in daily life, we run into situations where a direct relationship cannot be made from one ratio situation to another. In that case, we have to “divide down & multiply up” to arrive at the desired ratio.  We worked a multitude of examples together as a class to ensure everyone understood the procedures for these non-direct relationships! Here are some of the examples we worked together:

The big “take-away” from today’s lesson was this: if you cannot make a direct relationship between the given ratio and where you want to go, then you have to “divide down & multiply up”. Most students seem to get the hang of things as we worked through the examples!


HW Prac Ratio Tables HW for 2-21-2019


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