Tuesday, March 3rd & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!!

Students participated in a Rate & Unit Rate Webquest activity today in class. The goal of the webquest was to determine which store had better deals on specific items!

We worked some real world examples today in class using everyday household items such as Clorox 2, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and Tropicana Orange Juice! I have attached an example of how students utilized unit rate to determine which product was a better deal. Once we worked several real world examples together, students began their webquest looking at products & prices at Walmart, Office Depot and Publix. They were amazed at the price differences between the three stores for the same products! Great lesson in doing the math & saving some money!

No homework tonight…..just ask your student what they learned about checking prices between stores!

Don’t forget……BIG GOLD TEST this FRIDAY, MARCH 6TH!!!!

Skills to be assessed include: writing ratios, putting ratios in lowest terms, writing rates from the problem, calculating unit rates, determining the better deal

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