Wednesday, March 4th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!!

Students were given their study guide today for our BIG GOLD TEST this Friday, March 6th!!!! I have attached a copy of it should you need a new copy tonight while you are working at home!

We worked at least two problems in each section together to ensure everyone understood how to complete each type of problem! Once we worked through those several problems, students had to put their study guide away because we participated in a Unit Rate Scavenger Hunt! The unit rates students had to calculate were real life examples and used products they probably see at home everyday! Ask them about it!

We will be checking over the study guide tomorrow, Thursday, in class to clear up any questions students may have about the skills being assessed on Friday. Once a student is finished with their study guide, they will be allowed to finish the WEBQUEST we started on Tuesday!

Study guides are due on Friday before the test! They will be taken as a silver grade!

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