Thursday, March 5th & BIG GOLD TEST!!!!


Students checked over their study guides today in class to ensure everyone understands the skills & procedures being assessed on tomorrow’s test. Skills to be assessed include:

  • writing a ratio from words & phrases
  • simplifying ratios to their lowest terms
  • writing a rate (that is given to you in the problem)
  • calculating a unit rate (**Unit Rate always has a denominator of 1)
  • determining which Unit Rate is the “better deal”

All of these skills were addressed on our study guide. Our class also reviewed our rounding rules because as mathematicians, we must attend to precision! One last word to students was to pay close attention to the wording of the problem to ensure you write the ratio in the order they ask for it!

Study guides will be taken up tomorrow for a silver grade! Please make sure you bring your COMPLETED study guide to class!

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