End of the year-Important Dates!

  • May 6th – Registration Packets Due
  • May 6th  May 10th – 3rd Grade ARMT Testing 

Monday, May 6th      “Defeat the ARMT!” Wear team shirts

Tuesday, May 7th      “Let your true COLORS shine during testing!”   Wear bright colors

Wednesday, May 8th      “Don’t let the ARMT give you the blues” Wear something blue 

Thursday, May 9th      “Teachers are your biggest FAN!” Wear Mt Laurel shirts 

Friday, May 10th             “RELAX and do your best on the test!” Wear pajamas       

  • May 15th– Field Day
  • May 16th– End of the Year Party (more details later)
  • May 17th– Field Day Make Up (if needed)
  • May 23rd– Last Day of School!  School dismisses at 1.

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