Hour of Code – OMMS

Welcome to the Hour of Code 2017 for OMMS!

Watch this video about “What Most Schools Don’t Teach.”  before moving on to the activities below.

Proclamation regarding computer science education from AL Gov. Kay Ivey
Her office is encouraging any and everyone to tweet, share, whatever about experiences during #HourOfCode she is asking that we share our CS experience using the following @GovernorKayIvey and hashtag #GovIveyforCS.

What activities are recommended?

**(Earbuds or headphones are helpful.)

If you have never participated in the Hour of Code you should do one of the Hour of Code activities below to get started.  Choose one from below.  Be sure to show your teacher when you have completed all the puzzles.  There should be about 20 puzzles for each one of the sessions below.  Remember to watch the videos and read the directions as you proceed to help you solve the puzzles.

Angry birdsstar wars small







mine craft







What do I do if I have completed my Hour of Code activity?

Be sure to show your teacher, so they can give you credit for doing the activity.  If your teacher agrees, you may explore one or more of the other activities above or select activities from the multiple options on the Code.org/learn website.  Remember, not all activities will work on all devices.

Here are some of our favorites:

Animation and coding with Pixar on Khan Academy

Click here to take the OMMS Hour of Code survey.

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