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  1. The book Stella by Starlight is a story about Stella Mills, along with her family and friends, who live throughout the years where segregation affects every part of their lives. She and her friends have to do everything differently than all the white children. The story explains the tasks they all have to go through while living in Bumblebee.

    The kids have to walk a mile to school, while passing the white school on the way. They even have to enter stores through the back door, and sometimes none of them can go in at all. Every man is allowed to vote, including Stella’s father. But the white people in town make it nearly impossible.

    Stella thought Bumblebee was the safest place she could be. That was, until she and her brother, JoJo, sneak out one night and see the Klu Klux Klan across the pond. They’re burning a cross. After that night, the Klan had seemed to be stirring up trouble in town. But no one was just going to sit there. So all of the African Americans of Bumblebee stand up for their rights. This task seems impossible, but Stella and everyone else still try their hardest.

    Hate can be powerful, mainly during the 1930’s when the white people had to work half as hard, for twice the money. It was a hard thing to deal with, especially with the tasks thrown at Stella and her community. But in the end, they all fight harder than anyone else, as they work together.

    Draper intertwines song into the book, which helps the story come to life. The author helps you believe that there is beauty in brokenness and that there’s always hope, whatever the circumstance. She brings problems from the real world and ties them with family and friend support, like the potluck dinners and the nights everyone spends together. No matter how hard life gets, someone will be there support you through the way.

  2. The Help
    Book review by: Cailyn Ingram

    “The Help,” a book about the relationships between the African American maids and their white overseers in the 1960s. Features several high-strung white women and a lot of caring maids.
    For Kathryn Stockett, the author it was a dream come true. She wanted to be a professional writer since she got out of college. So, she started listening to the maid’s stories of how it was to live like them. The stories she wrote down got published into a book, “The Help.”
    The book has three narrators. Two black, Aibileen and Minny,and one white Skeeter. This separates the book from most others, especially in this time. Most books only have one narrator and none in this time had any that were black, which separates it from all of the other books of it’s time.
    This book helps us a get a peek into one of our country’s darkest points of history. With a behind the scenes look at how the maids were actually treated. And a look at their relationships between their bosses.
    “The Help,” a great historical novel for all to enjoy. It shows the true nature of the civil rights movement and how different it was back then. It really gives us an inside look at that point in time.

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