Monday, April 15th

7th grade students who are being considered for National Junior Honor Society met with Mrs. Gingras today during Advisory. The application packet/process was discussed in detail. Students were given a hard copy of these packets; therefore,students wishing to continue their selection process will need to complete it thoroughly. No extra packets will be given out — students who lose or misplace the original packet they were given will need to print out an additional copy. Use the link below:

As was stated throughout the meeting several times, no 7th grade student has “made” OMMS’s NJHS; however, the students Mrs. Gingras met with today are being CONSIDERED for this service organization.

All paperwork is due back to an NJHS sponsor (preferably Mrs. Gingras) by Monday, April 22nd.

Further information regarding membership into the NJHS will be given to eligible students at the beginning of May.

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