What about…..?

There are so many questions right now, and I wish so desperately I had all the answers. Sadly, I don’t though. The most often asked question I continue to get asked is in regards to those current 7th grade students who will be considered for membership for our school’s chapter of NJHS.

Again, at this point I have no concrete answers. My thoughts are that any and all NJHS activities will be postponed until school resumes for the 2020-2021 academic year. This would include the “You Are Being Considered for Membership” meeting, the application process, tapping, as well as induction.

Stay tuned for further details — I will keep you as in-the-know as I can.


To be considered for NJHS here at Oak Mountain Middle School:

  • First, a student would have needed to have maintained an A average in his core classes his 6th grade year and an A average for the first three grading periods of his 7th grade year.
  • Students who are considered academically eligible for NJHS are then invited to a meeting informing them of such.
  • Next, there is an application packet to complete. Students document their community involvement and extracurricular activities. Additionally, students have two teacher recommendation forms that need to be issued. (The teacher is then responsible for getting the rec back to an NJHS sponsor.)
  • Once a student turns in his paperwork by the due date, a teacher/administrative panel will review it along with his behavior report for his 6th and 7th grade years.
  • Thereafter, those who have been selected for NJHS will be tapped out of class and the induction ceremony will be held a week or so later.
  • The whole process takes about a month from beginning to end and generally takes place starting in April and could extend into May.

What. A. DAY!!!

Super proud…kinda teary….extremely BLESSED! Thanks for a great job today, y’all! Again, you all bought 1858 toys today!! Do you even understand how far that will go…just how many families that will help???

Again, I am just overwhelmingly proud of all 118 members who were with me today, my colleagues here at OMMS, the OM community as a whole — just so THANKFUL!!

I have been BLOWN UP with emails and text messages regarding a Facebook post that was made regarding those of you who shopped with us today. Check it out and then get some REST — you have earned it!


  • Female NJHS members who wear leggings or jeggings to school on Monday, December 9th WILL NOT be permitted to go shopping. Additionally, female students should not wear jeans with rips, tears, or holes in them.
  •  Male NJHS members must wear either jeans or khakis (NO SHORTS) as well as a a belt AND tuck in their Toys for Tots shirt in order to be permitted to go shopping on Monday, December 9th. Shirts must stay tucked in from from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.
  •  All members are required to wear their Toys for Tots shirt on Monday, December 9th in order to go shopping as well. Do not plan on wearing a hoodie or a coat over your TFT shirt. Plan on simply wearing the TFT, appropriate pants or jeans, belts (for boys), shoes, socks, etc.

Members CAN wear a Santa hat, elf ears, or something of that festive nature; however, accessories should be worn in GOOD TASTE and at a MINIMUM as well. DO NOT come to school Monday all decked out in your Santa hat, Christmas light bulb necklace that flashes, and red and green tutu. A little goes a long way……

Monday morning — after the 7:40 bell rings, go to your locker, put your stuff up, meet Mrs. Gingras in the lunchroom ASAP with a calculator in hand. (Yes, you can use your phone as your calculator.)

Cell Phones — again, you can use your phone in order to access your calculator; however, (and I made this VERY clear at the meeting) I do not want to see you on your phone taking pictures, playing games, using social media, etc. while we are in WalMart…AT ALL!!! Trust me—you will be A-O-K for a little while without your phone. I promise!

Remember This Throughout the Entire Day: You are representing OMMS, your sponsors, NJHS, yourself and your family, as well as TFT and the Marines. Do not disappoint.

Media — You might be interviewed; however, you can always decline the interview too. If you are interviewed, you will be asked things like What kinds of things did you do to raise money? Why did you choose to participate in this drive? What do you hope others get out of your hard work and effort? Sometimes the camera man will take a wide shot of you all shopping. Please DO NOT wave at the camera. Just act “normal” but BETTER.

Chic-fil-A MONEY — Pay Mrs. Colley if you have not already done so!!! First thing Monday morning!! THIS SHOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN DONE!!!

BUS LIST — Lists are posted outside of Mrs. Colley’s classroom. You need to know which bus you are riding, so make sure you check the list!

EXTRA MONEY — Feel free to being a little bit of money in case you want to buy a drink or a small snack while we are at WalMart.

Monday, November 18th

A meeting was held this afternoon during 7th period Advisory to specifically cover the Toys for Tots shopping trip. If you missed the meeting, you will need to read the letter (linked below) and follow the instructions…..otherwise, you just might miss the opportunity to go shopping with us.

  • Permission Slips are due back to your assigned sponsor by Friday, November 22nd.

***It is IMPERATIVE that students turn these permission slips in by the due date of Friday, November 22nd. I know that’s a really fast turn around, but as I stated at the meeting this afternoon—-when we make things as materialistic as a cell phone a priority, then the truly important things in life LIKE DEADLINES should be just as important. I’ll say it again this way….if it’s a big enough deal to you to want to go shopping, you will see to it that your permission slip is turned into your assigned sponsor by Friday, November 22nd.

Concerning the DRESS CODE for Monday, December 9th:

  • Female NJHS members who wear leggings or jeggings to school on Monday, December 9th WILL NOT be permitted to go shopping.
  • Male NJHS members must wear jeans or khakis (NO SHORTS) as well as a belt AND tuck in their Toys for Tots shirt in order to be permitted to go shopping on Monday, December 9th. Shirts must stay tucked in from from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.
  • All members are required to wear their Toys for Tots shirt on Monday, December 9th in order to go shopping as well. (Students received their TFT shirts today at the meeting.)

Students were directed to “stay tuned” regarding lunch details. Although I know where we will be eating (The Church of Brook Hills), I am still working on the Google Form where students will have to select what they want to eat that day for lunch. Stay tuned! I will get the word out via the morning announcements, your math teachers, as well as your ELA teachers too.

Finally, all members must have at least THREE service hours on file to go shopping with us on Monday, December 9th. I did my best to touch base with those members who have no hours on file today — all 26 of them! Hours are due by this Friday, November 22nd. Students were made aware of this due date at our last meeting on Wednesday, October 23rd.

Wednesday, October 23rd

An NJHS meeting was held this afternoon to discuss Toys for Tots posters. Additionally, we discussed service hours as I have nearly seventy students who have ZERO hours on file. If you have service hours, fill out the appropriate paperwork and get it turned in ASAP. All members need to have at least three hours on file by Friday, November 22nd in order to go Toys for Tots shopping.

TFT posters will be due upon arrival to school Friday, November 1st. Posters should be no smaller than half a sheet of standard-sized poster paper. Posters should have all the important information as stated on the informational handout (the WHAT?, WHEN?, HOW?, WHY?). Posters should be visually appealing. I understand that not all students are artists; however, each poster should represent the student’s best effort. The “Toys For Tots Poster Information” sheet (linked below) will need to accompany the TFT poster on Friday, November 1st.

Below I have posted a letter that you can take out into the community to verify our Toys for Tots drive. Feel free to print it out and show to anyone that may question if you are truly accepting donations for this worthy cause.

Info. About Fall Fun Fest @ OMES

OMES is looking for student volunteers for their upcoming Fall Fun Fest!

  • This year the FFF will be hosted at OMES on October 19th and it is from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.
  • Coordinators of the FFF will also need some help on the afternoon of Friday,October 18th…..
  • ….as well as after the event on Saturday, October 19th for clean up. 
  • A Signup Genius has been created that you will need to complete if you are interested in helping with the FFF. Click on the link below AFTER you read this entire post:
  • https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0C4FA9AD2DA2FB6-fffvolunteers
  • At the end of the Signup Genius, you will be asked to check which school group with which you are afflicted. Choose OMMS NJHS.
  • You will need to arrive 15 minutes before your shift.
  • Go to the Volunteer Table in the lunchroom where you will be directed to your assigned a spot.
  • At the end of your shift, you will need to pick up a form that verifies your volunteer work. This form will then be signed by one of the FFF’s coordinators. (This form will accepted in place of the Service Hours Form linked at the top of this NJHS blog page.)

If you choose to volunteer at the Fall Fun Fest, you are WORKING! You should not play the games, chit chat with friends, be preoccupied with your phone, etc. Rather, look for ways to HELP and ASSIST. Be a polite and pleasurable hard worker seeking opportunities to make the FFF a successful event. Represent yourself, your family, OMMS, our school’s chapter of NJHS, and your sponsors appropriately. Otherwise, disciplinary action will take place and consequences will be issued that could result in something as severe as dismissal from NJHS.

Wednesday, September 11th

This afternoon we met in the lunchroom during Advisory and discussed the following information (via the Parent Letter 2019 linked below that will need to be signed and returned with payment of dues):

  • ATTENDANCE: Members are required to attend all meetings. If a member misses a meeting, he/she must show verification of the absence being excused. Read the Parent Letter to find out more.
  • GRADES: Members must maintain a specific number of points in their four academic classes. Grades will be checked periodically; however, if a member knows his GPA has fallen too low, it is best to bring that to a sponsor’s attention immediately. Read the Parent Letter to find out more.
  • SERVICE HOURS: There is a specific number of volunteer hours members must acquire to go Toys For Tots shopping as well as to participate in the tapping and induction activities in the Spring. Additionally, there is proper paperwork that must be completed and turned in for volunteer hours “to count.” Sponsors WILL NOT accept emails from parents or the supervisor/group leader of the activity verifying a member’s participation community service hours. Proper documentation (Individual Community Service Hours) can be found on this NJHS blog above.  Read the Parent Letter to find out more.
  • DISCIPLINE: Members should have ZERO offenses to include but not be limited to pink slips (warning), pink slips (detention) writing assignments, etc. Discipline records will be reviewed periodically; however, a member should tell a sponsor ASAP if they have been found guilty of an infraction. Read the Parent Letter to find out more. 
  • DEADLINES: There will be a number of deadlines that MUST be met if a member wishes to stay in good standing and/or participate in various NJHS-related activities. With roughly 130 students who make up this prestigious organization, sponsors will not send out individual reminders. Rather, members have been encouraged to attend meetings, check the blog, check with other members, listen to the announcements, etc. to stay in-the-know. Read the Parent Letter to find out more. 
  • DUES & VERIFICATION: Verification of a parent/guardian reading the parent letter and payment of dues is due no later than Wednesday, September 25thRead the Parent Letter to find out more. 


Last Thing! Would you like to be considered for an officer position? If so, please submit in writing to Mrs. Gingras WHY you would like to be considered for an officer position and explain WHAT qualities, characteristics or talents you have that make you a viable candidate and therefore should be seriously considered. The due date for this is Friday, September 20th. 

Info. for Monday’s Attendees

Parents, Guardians, Family and Friends of the 2019-2020 NJHS Inductees,

For those of you are who are planning to attend Monday’s NJHS Induction Ceremony, please take a moment to read over the following letter from our School Resource Officer, Deputy Goza. It will explain where you need to park, direct you to the only door that you will be permitted through which to enter the building, how to obtain a visitor sticker, and more!

Once you have parked in the appropriate location, entered the building correctly, and acquired a visitor sticker, please go sit in the gymnasium in the bleachers in the section closest to the stage. You may sit in the bleachers to either side of the gym floor—7th grade side or 8th grade side—, but again, please slide down to sit in the section closest to the stage. 6th and 7th grade students will also be attending the ceremony and must sit in the bleachers as well. Also, if you need a restroom, following Deputy Goza’s directions, please use the facilities on our Concession Hall.

An approximate time frame was posted last week to help with those of you who will be returning to work after the festivities. Just look for the Wednesday, May 1st post. It should be right under this one.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Gingras. I am happy to help as needed!

Wednesday, May 1st

The NJHS Induction and Reception will be held on the morning of Monday, May 13th. 7th grade students were informed today to report to CONCESSION HALL to get further instructions from Mr. Burdett after the 7:40 AM bell. 8th grade students should report to Mrs. Gingras in the CAFETERIA. Students will miss all of 1st period and most of 2nd period; therefore, students should make plans beforehand to discuss turning in work and receiving make-up work with their respective teachers.

Parents, I know that many of you will want to attend this event and celebrate your child’s accomplishments. The induction will be from approximately 8:15 to 9:00 AM. The reception will follow thereafter and will probably last until 9:30-ish. (Please do not feel like you have to stay for the entire reception…although you are welcomed to!!) Refreshments will be served.

Parents, please check back in to this blog for further instructions on where you should park and which entrance you should come in to obtain a visitors sticker. Our protocol has changed, and I want to make sure I am giving you the correct steps to follow while maintaining our school’s safety plan.

Students (7th and 8th graders) were told today that they should be “dressed for success” on Monday, May 13th. Male students are being directed to wear khaki or navy pants with a nice collared shirt. Female students were directed to wear a dress that is within dress code—make sure the length is long enough in the front and back–or wear pants and a nice top. Students were told not to wear shorts. 8th graders who come to school inappropriately dressed for this more formal occasion will be sent back to class and will not participate in any of the induction activities. (Students will be given a small amount of time to change into more comfortable clothes, so feel free to bring a change of clothes if you wish.)

If you have questions, feel free to email me at lgingras@shelbyed.org

Otherwise, check back in early next week and I will have specific directions for those parents who are wanting to attend the ceremony on Monday, May 13th in terms of where to park and where to enter the building to sign in and get your visitors sticker. Thank you…and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Monday, April 15th

7th grade students who are being considered for National Junior Honor Society met with Mrs. Gingras today during Advisory. The application packet/process was discussed in detail. Students were given a hard copy of these packets; therefore,students wishing to continue their selection process will need to complete it thoroughly. No extra packets will be given out — students who lose or misplace the original packet they were given will need to print out an additional copy. Use the link below:

As was stated throughout the meeting several times, no 7th grade student has “made” OMMS’s NJHS; however, the students Mrs. Gingras met with today are being CONSIDERED for this service organization.

All paperwork is due back to an NJHS sponsor (preferably Mrs. Gingras) by Monday, April 22nd.

Further information regarding membership into the NJHS will be given to eligible students at the beginning of May.