What about…..?

There are so many questions right now, and I wish so desperately I had all the answers. Sadly, I don’t though. The most often asked question I continue to get asked is in regards to those current 7th grade students who will be considered for membership for our school’s chapter of NJHS.

Again, at this point I have no concrete answers. My thoughts are that any and all NJHS activities will be postponed until school resumes for the 2020-2021 academic year. This would include the “You Are Being Considered for Membership” meeting, the application process, tapping, as well as induction.

Stay tuned for further details — I will keep you as in-the-know as I can.


To be considered for NJHS here at Oak Mountain Middle School:

  • First, a student would have needed to have maintained anĀ AĀ average in his core classes his 6th grade year and anĀ AĀ average for the first three grading periods of his 7th grade year.
  • Students who are considered academically eligible for NJHS are then invited to a meeting informing them of such.
  • Next, there is an application packet to complete. Students document their community involvement and extracurricular activities. Additionally, students have two teacher recommendation forms that need to be issued. (The teacher is then responsible for getting the rec back to an NJHS sponsor.)
  • Once a student turns in his paperwork by the due date, a teacher/administrative panel will review it along with his behavior report for his 6th and 7th grade years.
  • Thereafter, those who have been selected for NJHS will be tapped out of class and the induction ceremony will be held a week or so later.
  • The whole process takes about a month from beginning to end and generally takes place starting in April and could extend into May.

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