I held I brief NJHS meeting today during Advisory to inform students about the “Check Presentation” that will be taking place tomorrow afternoon at approximately 2:00. Students were made aware of the following:

  • Female NJHS members who wear sweatpants to school tomorrow WILL NOT be permitted to participate in the check presentation. Additionally, female students should not wear jeans with rips, tears, or holes in them.
  •  Male NJHS members must wear either jeans or khakis (NO SHORTS) as well as a belt AND tuck in their Toys for Tots shirt in order to be permitted to participate in the check presentation. Shirts must stay tucked in while we are in the gym for the check presentation.
  •  All members are required to wear their Toys for Tots shirt in order to participate in the check presentation. Do not plan on wearing a hoodie or a coat over your TFT shirt. Plan on simply wearing the TFT shirt, appropriate pants or jeans, belts (for boys), shoes, socks, etc.

When you get to school tomorrow, go directly to my classroom — B-20. I will have your Toys for Tots shirt. As stated in the meeting, there is only ONE of me and 118 of you (members). Please, please, please be patient with me as I do everything in my power to get you your shirt as quickly as possible while also serving my own 7th grade students.

DURING THE CHECK PRESENTATION ONLY, members CAN wear a Santa hat, elf ears, or something of that festive nature; however, accessories should be worn in GOOD TASTE and at a MINIMUM as well. DO NOT come to school tomorrow all decked out in your Santa hat, Christmas light bulb necklace that flashes, and red and green tutu. A little goes a long way……

Media — You might be interviewed; however, you can always decline the interview too. If you are interviewed, you will be asked things like What kinds of things did you do to raise money? Why did you choose to participate in this drive? What do you hope others get out of your hard work and effort? Sometimes the cameraman will take a wide shot of you all shopping. Please DO NOT wave at the camera. Just act “normal” but BETTER.

Finally, be prepared to practice social distancing while in the gym throughout the check presentation tomorrow.

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