• Female NJHS members¬†who wear leggings or jeggings to school on Monday, December 9th¬†WILL NOT¬†be permitted to go shopping. Additionally, female students should not wear jeans with rips, tears, or holes in them.
  • ¬†Male NJHS members¬†must wear either jeans or khakis (NO SHORTS) as well as a a belt¬†AND¬†tuck in their Toys for Tots shirt in order to be permitted to go shopping on Monday, December 9th. Shirts must stay tucked in from from 8:00 AM ‚Äď 3:00 PM.
  • ¬†All members¬†are¬†required¬†to wear their Toys for Tots shirt on Monday, December 9th in order to go shopping as well. Do not plan on wearing a hoodie or a coat over your TFT shirt. Plan on simply wearing the TFT, appropriate pants or jeans, belts (for boys), shoes, socks, etc.

Members CAN wear a Santa hat, elf ears, or something of that festive nature; however, accessories should be worn in GOOD TASTE and at a MINIMUM as well. DO NOT come to school Monday all decked out in your Santa hat, Christmas light bulb necklace that flashes, and red and green tutu. A little goes a long way……

Monday morning — after the 7:40 bell rings, go to your locker, put your stuff up, meet Mrs. Gingras in the lunchroom ASAP with a calculator in hand. (Yes, you can use your phone as your calculator.)

Cell Phones — again, you can use your phone in order to access your calculator; however, (and I made this VERY clear at the meeting) I do not want to see you on your phone taking pictures, playing games, using social media, etc. while we are in WalMart…AT ALL!!! Trust me—you will be A-O-K for a little while without your phone. I promise!

Remember This Throughout the Entire Day: You are representing OMMS, your sponsors, NJHS, yourself and your family, as well as TFT and the Marines. Do not disappoint.

Media — You might be interviewed; however, you can always decline the interview too. If you are interviewed, you will be asked things like What kinds of things did you do to raise money? Why did you choose to participate in this drive? What do you hope others get out of your hard work and effort? Sometimes the camera man will take a wide shot of you all shopping. Please DO NOT wave at the camera. Just act ‚Äúnormal‚ÄĚ but BETTER.

Chic-fil-A MONEY — Pay Mrs. Colley if you have not already done so!!! First thing Monday morning!! THIS SHOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN DONE!!!

BUS LIST — Lists are posted outside of Mrs. Colley’s classroom. You need to know which bus you are riding, so make sure you check the list!

EXTRA MONEY — Feel free to being a little bit of money in case you want to buy a drink or a small snack while we are at WalMart.

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