1. Yes I did!!! I loved looking at the moon and being able to see the rotations of the moon and to study it!!!

  2. Hi Shelby! I am so glad you enjoyed the Moon Log. Science is so facinating to me! I really enjoy drawing too! My favorite is drawing and painting landscapes!!! What is your favorite?

  3. yes i did enjoythe moon log. i love you mrs. tolbert. i loved it because i learned the phrases of the moon and the different moons. i hope we can do more language arts. also i hope we can do the moon log every week. from your student amber.

  4. 100 percent yes mrs. tolbert i loved every thing about making a moon log and i loved every thing about the moon log home work. and your the BEST teacher ever because when you brout that moon log out you were the best! the funest part was the drawing and the describing I LOVE YOU… I HOPE WE CAN DO MORE SEVRAL TEST. FROM AMBER

  5. ,love the crazy moon log i hope we can do thatb in 5thn grade. i love you mrs. tolbert. i love every thing about it. looving it frokm your student lovem AMBER.

  6. Hey Tolberts Terrific Kids!! I loved the moon log too and hope u do too!! Hey Mrs.Tolbert I miss u!!

  7. Yes, I did like to look at the moon. It was suprising how the moon changes every night. Thank’s Mrs.Tolbert for helping me learn all these things.

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