GRC students at VES have been writing a story this semester in hopes of having it published.  I am excited to announce that their books came in today!  Each GRC student is represented in the book and I am so proud of them!

If you forgot to order a book and would like one, go to Studentrasures.com/ordercopies and use Pin # 7105653 to place your order!!!


Representatives from The Talladega Superspeedway, Mr. Russell Branham and Ms. Allison, along with community representative, Mr. Chuck Ludwigson served as judges during the recent Dragster Competition held at Vincent Elementary School. Third through fifth grade GRC students have been discovering the science of dragsters and in the process each student created a CO2 dragster to […]

Service Leadership Team Plans Chooses Officers!

The Service Leadership Team at VES met on 1-9-2018 and voted on officers for the team! President – Chasity Norwood Vice-President – Sierra Bailey Secretary – Amarri Howell Treasurers – Justin Epperson and Camari Keller Public Relations Representatives – Asa Spears and Tara Sims Congratulations to our new officers!

Vincent Elementary School Students Lead by Serving!!!

Vincent Elementary School Students Gives to Others The third through fifth intellectually gifted students at Vincent Elementary School have been learning about what it means to be a philanthropist. The students discovered that being a philanthropist is giving of one’s time, talent, and treasure for the benefit of others or for common good. They became […]

3rd Grade GRC students at MES participated in the Hour of Code Today!

Way to go 3rd grade!!!  The 3rd graders in GRC at MES wrote a total of …. 2,916 lines of code today!!  Kemp topped out with the most number of lines –  a whopping 698 lines!!!  The students worked so hard and I am very proud of each one!  Why computer science education is so important: […]